Saturday, February 26, 2011

Popular Tokusatsu Magazines

Many people ask me where I get my scans. I tell them magazines and books. Many people ask what are the name of the magazines that come with pictures. There many many kinds. There is monthly magazines that come out with pictures of the new things in Sentai, Kamen Rider & Ultraman; there is little books for kids about Toku; and big books on mid-way through a series or after the series ended.

Terebi-kun てれびくん
The main magazine we get info on. Half is color and the other half is black and white, well yellow sometimes instead of white. Most of the time, it comes with cardboard, you can pop and cut out and build things, like a mask or megazord. The black and white pages have exclusive short manga about Sentai (mostly chibi-sized characters) and other Toku.

テレビマガジン TV Magazine:
A lot like Terebi Kun.

Newtype THE LIVE 特撮ニュータイプ

NewType The Live is awesome, it is slightly bigger and thinner than Terebi-kun and has bigger pictures. Most of the time it doesn't have anything new but some good pictures. It also is half color and half black and white. There is also NewType Magazine only about Anime.

Hyper Hobby

Hyper Hobby is exclusively toys and action figures. It not only covers Tokusatsu but some American stuff like Star Wars and Superman. But it is all toys, also some Anime.

These days you can buy magazines on and use Celga to do the shipping but there is a lot of overcharges. There is also Kinokuniya Bookstore, located in the US in New York; Beaverton, OR; Seattle, WA; San Francisco, San Jose (Very little Toku, I've checked), Los Angeles (no Toku there, I've checked), and Costa Mesa, CA. I have personally bought books in San Francisco store. You can buy online. There is plenty other magazines, but I just don't know the names. Some are discontinued, there are plenty of other new ones.


Anonymous said...

There were other magazines that used to publish Super Sentai coverage back in the day. Terebi Land used to cover Sentai until they stopped publishing the magazine in 1997 and other magazines also sponsored the franchise during the early years as well. Only Terebi-Kun and Terebi Magazine sponsored all the series.

The PPP said...

Hey, I wanted to ask if you've come across any pictures from a tokusatsu/kaiju miniature set where they film the suitmation scenes.

Lavender Ranger said...

The P3, I haven't.

SuperSentaiFan said...

Are they still doing the books on each Super Sentai season? I haven't found the ones for anything past Gekiranger.

Lavender Ranger said...

They did. Shinkenger book came out a couple months ago with the Shinkenger vs Go-Onger DVD.

SuperSentaiFan said...

Good to know. I was starting to think they had stopped doing the books. Any chance you could either point me to the correct books on Amazon Japan or at least post the covers of the post Gekiranger season books? I don't speak or read Japanese so figuring out which are the correct items on amazon Japan is a bit challenging.