Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ranger Keys (including AbareKiller) on Official Gokaiger Site

This is all over the boards right now. Morgan Lamia of Rangerboard found this while ripping through the front flash on one of the Gokaiger sites (has been confirmed it is from the flash intro of TV-Asahi). 171 small photos of every main Ranger Key prop. I added the names in colors, including the Power Ranger names (copy and paste at most, but I did it so the others wouldn't feel left out--as I added those people not so familiar with like Kuwagata Raiger/Navy Ranger or Geki Chopper/Rhino Ranger).
Red One of Bioman and Mask Pink of Maskman are missing. 80 keys above Goranger to Dairanger. 91 below Kakuranger to Gokaiger. Some keys miss colors obviously, the most prominent are the missing black on the Flashman, the missing grey on the Hurricanger. Some have lines for skirts, some others don't. The Magiranger girls are missing their white legs.

And even though it has been revealed that the AbareKiller key will belong to GokaiSilver and non of the five Gokaiger might initially transform with it (since we now know the Gokaiger switch keys around and don't have one designated to them), the key is present here. So this proves to me that they have pretty much made all the Ranger Key props as I have been investigating it.


Jason 嘉陞 Kuo said...

What's interesting to note is that the keys of suits that would end up changing genders (such as female blues and male yellows)still look the way they originally looked. For example, keys for female blues still have skirts and keys for male yellows don't have skirts.

Lavender Ranger said...

Yeah, Jason but some don't even have the skirts like Hurricane Blue, Magi Blue and Magi Pink.

Jon B said...

Great work Morgan Lamia. Those were really cool too see.


i think we have seen in episode 2 of gokaiger when they transform into hurricaneger. the grey parts of the keys are already missing. quite ruining actually. but its okay! :D