Sunday, February 13, 2011

How many Ranger Key props are there?

I am obsessed to find out how many Ranger Key props have been made.
1. Goggle Yellow
2. Aka Ranger
3. Ki Ranger
4. Goggle Pink
5. Green Two
6. Denji Green
7. Change Mermaid
8. Ao Ranger
9. Battle Cossack
10. Battle Kenya
11. Battle France
12. DynaBlue
13. Dai Jack
14. Goggle Black
15. Denji Red
16. Dyna Pink
17. Spade Ace
18. Denji Pink
19. Clover King
20. Mask Blue 21. Goggle Blue
22. Big One
23. Heart Queen
24. Change Gryphon
25. Dyna Red
26. Change Pegasus
27. Denji Red
28. Goggle Blue
29. Mido Ranger
30. Change Mermaid
31. Mask Yellow
32. Change Phoenix
33. Battle Japan
34. Goggle Red
35. Mask Blue
36. Dyna Black
37. Miss America
38. Shinken red
39. Gokai Green

40. Gokai Red
41. Blue Swallow
42. Time Pink
43. Five Red
44. Deka Blue
45. Go-On Green
46. Go Red
47. Oh Green
48. Deka Break?
49. Kuwagata Raiger
50. Magi Red?
51. Red Hawk
52. Deka Pink and Geki Chopper (I made a mistake)
53. Ninja Red
54. Go Pink
55. Bouken Red?

56. Red One
57. Blue Flash
58. Dyna Yellow
59. Gokai Blue
60. Gokai Pink
61. Goggle Black
62. Dyna Black
63. Goggle Red
64. Momo Ranger
65. Pink Mask
66. Red Flash
67. Black Bison

We also saw the other Shinkenger and Magiranger, making around 80 out of 170 of the teams. That is what we have seen so far. Most likely they made about 100 (like the rest in the treasure box I couldn't identify, other teams they will become in 2nd ep and red rangers they transform into). At least we can say there is 55 in the opening and ending credits. The ones that crowd the opening and ending credits are from Goranger to Maskman (chronologically), along with the Gokaiger keys. Sun Vulcan keys are not highly visibly but are probably in the background.

In Episode 2, Aka Red gives Ranger Keys to Captain Marvelous in a flashback. The visible ones are Gosei Red, Gosei Yellow, Gosei Pink, Shinken Blue, Go-On Red, Hurricane Red, Shinken Pink, Magi Yellow, Ginga Red, Ginga Blue, Bouken Red, Gosei Blue and Time Red.

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Zeo said...

I know this several years late, but the questioned yellow in the last photo is OhYellow. I f you look, you can see the mask.