Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Adventures in Substituting: Power Rangers Samurai and Kids

Like I have always mentioned, I am a substitute teacher studying and training to be a full time Elementary school teacher. I mostly deal with pre-K to 5th Grade and hope to teach for 3rd or 4th grade. Yesterday I substituted for a Kindergarten class and now that Power Rangers Samurai has premiered, I asked a couple kids if they liked Spider-Man, Batman, or Power Rangers and they were quite delighted about PR and mentioned PR and talked about an episode. They already knew the movements of the Samuraizer and said 'Samuraizer.' One boy told me he liked the 'Green Ranger.' One boy was quite confused, he said they turned into robots. I explained they entered them and it was called a Megazord. Perhaps he believes Mega Mode are robots. But this is quite a change than 2 weeks ago when I had first grade and Pre-K and asked kids of Power Rangers and they were still not quite sure about it. One kid mentioned the Moogers, I was surprised the name stuck on them. I showed the girls and boys pictures of the Power Rangers I had on my phone and they liked the Power Ranger pictures. So it is working that the show is on Nick.

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You're an awesome teacher.