Monday, February 14, 2011

Pirate Sentai Gokaiger - Episode 1 - Review

Grownups in Spandex uploaded subbed version of episode 1. Grownups in Spandax are the ones who added the subtitles.
"The Space Pirates Appear"

Now after seeing the subbed episode, I liked the episode but I like it now more. Here is a quick overview over the story: The Zangyack try to conquer the whole universe. On Earth, the Super Sentai stood up against the Zangyack at their first invasion. The fight known as the Legendary War. They held them back with their powers but lost their powers in the process. Now, the Gokaiger on their way to Earth in their GokaiGalleon. They are looking for a big treasure said to be on Earth. Pink is new to be a pirate, so she is still kind to people. But as they arrive near Earth, they get attacked by the Zangyack forces. Marvelous, their captain is up for fighting. They go inside the cockpit.

The aliens inside the ship are Gil and his troop. Gil is the son of the emperor leader of the Zangyack. They know that the Gokaiger are wanted, so they want their bounty. The Gokaiger form GokaiOh and fight them off in Space and then head off to Earth. On Earth, they use a blowhorn and ask citizens if they know about the treasure. They say they don't. They are disappointed and ask Marvelous what to do, so he says they are to eat. They remind him they don't have currency of Earth. So he wants to sell Luka's ring.

In the evil ship, Gil wants to conquer Earth. He thinks the red guy is being insinborating, but they are all actually on his side. Gil seems young and rash. The red guy doesn't want to underestimate the pirates. They sell Luka's ring and she has the cash. They eat curry at the curry shop from Sun Vulcan. The restaurant is attacked by the bad guys so the gang are to fight them. A teacher, another lady and students are attacked by the monster of the day. The Gokaiger see the innocent suffer and think if they should fight or not. The five think about their home planets (most likely they come from different planets) that the Zangayck took over.

Red says he doesn't like it and says they will smash things as pirates do. They transform into Gokaiger and fight the grunts. They then do some changes from Goranger to Shinkenger to Magiranger. The children ask the teacher who they (Goranger) are and she says they are the first Super Sentai, the Goranger. After they destroy the monster, the innocents thank them for saving them. The Gokaiger say not to thank them, because they were fighting because their curry was ruined.

Episode Review:
So fans were confused about how come the Gokaiger already have so many Ranger Keys of past teams, so what is the point of them transforming right? I was wondering the same, but fan Merlin's theory is that when they meet past members, maybe the Gokaiger have to give them the key back to get their powers back, or something significant. Because I know for sure the site will post up the pictures of the other keys, as the toys of the keys are being released, but they are yet to be posted, so I think it would have to be a significant episode that one set of keys are highlighted in order for that to happen. And the reason they are showing off 2 per episode now is probably to just show off what they can do.

As for the episode itself, I don't want to submit into fan-wanking or the band wagon, but I actually liked it. The episode established the characters (both good and bad), the plot, the powers and humor. Even though the good guys aren't established yet, the Gokaiger already establish which one is which and their personalities, like Red is the serious and mysterious leader, Green is the funny smart coward, Yellow cares about money, Blue is the serious one and Pink may just be princess-like and sweet. Yes, it doesn't tell us how they all met, but I am sure that will be answered eventually and does it really matter? No. Great episode!



Jeffrey Long said...

Where did you see it subbed? The only place I know of is TV-Nihon and they don't have it yet :(

manuel0011 said...

I like the first episode, I like the fact that because they are pirates and not from earth they say that they are not gonna defend it

So far i think gokaiger will be another great sentai and will have the feeling that goseiger didnt have

Lavender Ranger said...

Jeffrey, are you reading this on this on a phone? It is the first line I wrote!

Anonymous said...

SO love it!!! the characters r so cool n gokai oh is awesome. 1 question though... if they haven't been 2 earth how did they all those ranger keys??????

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey, search for Over-Time as they are subbing it as well.

LUKE said...

Erm, Lavender Ranger, we cannot watch Gokaiger like Kamen Rider Decade [ Everybody who is also a KR fans whom watch Sentai too will assume the same thing...] However this sister company of Kamen Rider shows us they can did differently...I also think the theory might be right...after all, the legend war have a reason...At least I hope they won't did mistake like final ep of KR decade [ which they re-edit and air again just for the movie..]

Shinken Red said...

There are three sub groups for Gokaiger:

1) G.U.I.S
2) Overtime
3) TV-Nihon

Lavender Ranger said...

Luke, what? I didn't claim we had to see gokaiger as Decade.

LUKE said...

Nola...the statement seem like ><

Lavender Ranger said...

what does nola mean?

Mugen said...

Them not caring about earth at first seems fitting for me. They are space pirates afterall and this is not their planet.

Anonymous said...

The reason for having ALL the sentai groups in the first episode and seeing them in key forms in present and future episodes is two reasons: 1.) Its to celebrate their 35 years (go figure)
2.) They will have access to ALL the zords and can combine them with the current zord. so really, the combinations will be limitless. Proof of this is in the first wave of toys wherein the dekaranger red patrol car, the magiranger red dragon and the zyuranger red lion combines with the gokai-oh.