Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sixth Ranger different belt buckles

Some Sixth Rangers had variations on the same buckle as the main five or four.

The only main difference Dragon Ranger/Green Ranger's buckle had than the others was that it was gold. Even though Kibaranger had the same belt buckle as the Dairanger, in MMPR, he was the only one used from Dairanger, so his belt buckle was much different than the original Rangers.

The Ohranger/Zeo symbol had five symbols, with the star in the middle, while the King/Gold Ranger's buckle only had his symbol on it.

MegaSilver/Silver Ranger and the Titanium Ranger had the same symbols and belt buckles as the others.

The Timeranger belt buckle was a triangle with the symbol to the left but the Time Fire/Quantum Ranger belt buckle was much different.

Gaoranger/Wild Force symbol had all five animals, the Silver one looked like but only had the wolf.

Shurikenger/Green Samurai Ranger (PRNS) was different, it was a shuriken symbol obviously.

Even though not exactly a sixth Ranger, AbareMax/Triassic Ranger changed the common symbol to something that resembled its dinosaur.

DekaMaster/Shadow Ranger, DekaBreak/Omega Ranger, MagiShine/Solaris Knight and Bouken Silver/Mercury Ranger had the same symbols as the others.

GekiChopper/Rhino Ranger's symbol had an extra check mark on it than the others. In Gekiranger, it was called the SCRTC Meisters logo.

Go-Onger symbol had wings added to them for the Go-On Wings.

Shinken Gold/Gold Ranger's symbol and belt buckle are the same.

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Julian Ho said...

GekiChopper's symbol was a clever design. With one additional stroke, it turned the 'claw-slash' team symbol into the Chinese character (or Kanji) 手, which stands for "hand".