Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pictures of Gokaiger Ep 2 and 3

Episode 2:
Flashback shows Aka Red give the Ranger Keys to Marvelous

His badge changed to 35 years logo.

A boy transforms into Shinken Red via Marvelous' changer.

The Gokaiger change into Dekaranger, Hurricanger and various Reds:

Kai from Magiranger shows up at the end of the episode and will be in Ep 3.

New Ending:

The first ending had Goranger to Liveman, this one has Turboranger to Timeranger, I am guessing the next will have Gaoranger to Goseiger and they will rotate 3 endings, one per episode, or change them constantly like Go-Onger.

Episode 3:

Small pics from

Looks like Gokai Blue will become Big One and AbareBlack and the girls will become Gao White, White Swan, Ninja Black and Go-On Black. Wow, another black with skirt. Maybe we will get Green with skirt!

New Ending and Ep 3 Preview thanks to Gold Samurai:

(Might vary by country)

Limited Download:
(Might not be downloadable after a couple of months)


LUKE said...

Why does the boy hair seem like under Den-O imagin possession...><


maybe i need to make a new list on what changes will gokaiger turn into. hehe~

awesome black and white combination!

Fan Stuff said...

HEY!!! Is that Atsushi Hashimoto - Kai Ozu -Magi Red in episode 3?! O_O

Lavender Ranger said...

Luke, that is Kai, MagiRed of Magiranger, he had that stripe in his hair in the last episode of Magiranger.

Mugen said...

They are gonna visit the Magiranger next.

Ah, so it is indeed confirmed that they got the keys from AkaRed. Makes a lot of sense.

And I hope that a male GouKaiger using BigOne will finally shut some people up.
Nice to see that there are examples other than Red of such uses. Who knows, amybe we could end up with male pink at some point...although I mainly hope for female green.

LUKE said...

Magiranger...never watch before >< and only watch Mystic Force...and just started watching sentai after Shinkenger appearance in Kamen Rider is too late for me to watch Magiranger now?

Anonymous said...

please at the end of the series do a post of all gender changes some thing tells me you will have a lot more female rangers

Lavender Ranger said...

anonymous, for sure I will do that but of course at the end of the show, in a year.

Anonymous said...

it's ninja black not black ninja

Anonymous said...

I watched this episode on Tudou and well I loved the better quality than with Keyhole TV. Will you continue to post them here? I can't seem to find the episode when I do a search on the site,