Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Power Rangers Emblems/Symbols/Insignias

Some of them I couldn't find a good picture, so if you find a better one, send me a link.

MMPR (season 1), MMPR (season 3), Zeo
The biggest symbol of Power Rangers is the lighting bolt. The Ninja Coin symbol was in the spirit of the Dinozord one, incorporating the animals. The Zeo one was on their belts, with their symbols.

Turbo, inSpace
Turbo really didn't have a common symbol, except the Carranger one that was on the arsenal but not really emphasized. The Space Rangers really didn't have a common symbol except for the buckle sign that was on their arsenal but very little emphasized.

Lightspeed, Time Force
Lost Galaxy really didn't have a common symbol. Lightspeed had the big symbol all over their headquarters and on their belts, boot cuffs and glove cuffs. Time Force court had the belt symbol.

Wild Force
Was on their belt buckles.

Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD
Ninja Storm had a big version of it in the headquarters and all over their arsenal and ninja uniforms. DT had it on their chests, and all over their headquarters. SPD had it on their helmets and arms, and all over everywhere (arsenal and HQ).

Mystic Force, Overdrive, Jungle Fury
Mystic Force have them on their belts and had a big one in their headquarters. The OO had the symbol on their chest and had a big symbol in their headquarters. The Jungle Fury Rangers had the symbol on their chests.

RPM, Samurai
The RPM Rangers had it on their helmets and belts. Gold and Silver had their variation on their chests. Dr. K had it around her lab. Samurai Rangers have it on their chest and their signal alert is in the same shape at their headquarters.

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