Monday, April 25, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO: Create Your Own Combo Contest!

Hey guys, henshin0 here with my first official post, in no better day than my birthday. Since I'm a new writter here, I want to get to know the frequent visitors a bit better; and what better way than an art contest. With a new and highly anticipated combo to appear next week, and at least two more on the way, people will be inspired to make loads of fan art, so why not show off yours! make your own ooo combo and send it here. here's what you do.

Via any visual medium (i.e. pencil, paint, crayon, ms paint, etc) draw a picture OOO using your combo, with the three core medals used to make it. I'm not expecting profesional Bottacelli style drawing, but don't make a simple stick puppet, for this is a test of creativity, and therefore requires clear detail of the medals and the circle on his chest. further more, in the description of your submission should include combo name, color scheme, animal theme, each medal used, their abilities, name for a greeed who would "want them back", and a title for a song for this form (i.e. Gatakiriba--"gotta keep it real").

here is my sample of what I'm talking about:
Now for submission:
There are two ways you can submit your pictures. If you have a deviant art account, upload it, and send it to me on my account in the link below:

in the description, label the required info in the following format
Combo Name:__________
Animal Theme:__________
Color Theme:___________

(head animal) ([english name if animal's name is Japanese])-(core medal's power)
(body animal) ([english name if animal's name is Japanese])-(core medal's power)
(legs animal) ([english name if animal's name is Japanese])-(core medal's power)

Greeed: (greeed's name)

here is what it would look like for kabuyenku combo:

If you don't have a deviant art account, and too lazy to make one, just email me:

at the subject, write "OOO combo contest", send the image as an attachment, write your google/blogspot name or whatever nickname you want if you don't have one, and write the info required in the same format.

  • -failure to submit your entry and/or including the info in the wrong format may result in it not being counted.
  • -the entries MUST be submitted by Saturday, 5/7/2011, 9:00pm, pacific time zone
  • -entries will be judged by the following:

Creativity-the combo, medals, abilities, and greeed's and song name must really catch my attention.

Functionality-OOO needs all the help he can get, so your combo needs to have USEFUL, but not overely ambiguous abilities.

Follow through-it needs to follow instructions carefully, and the medals and chest have to be well seen in detail.

  • -only one entry per contestant
  • -kabuyenku will not count as an entry
  • -no plagerism, please. I shouldn't have to tell you this, but I will just in case.
  • -don't feel bad if you didn't reach the top 10, 5, or 1. it's not you were bad, they were just better at appealing to us, all entries will appear on my deviant art either way, so everyone will see your hard work!
  • -have fun!!!!!!

After the entries are submitted, I will pick the top 10 entries, and post them up on henshingrid, with my own picture of what their greeeds would look like. Afterwards, out of those 10, Lavender Ranger will pick the top 5, and I'll post them up with a picture of a yummy that their greed's would summon. then, those five will be put up on a poll, where you, the fans will decide the winner!

That winner will decide what core medals I will use for the first ever ALL PLANT COMBO, WITH ITS OWN GREEED AND YUMMY!


Luca said...

*sigh* If only I still went on deviant art.

henshin0 said...

Then email it to me, just follow the required format listed on the post.