Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lavender Ranger and Violence in Power Rangers


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am an Asian Chinese...plus I also new to Super Sentai after knowing it in Kamen Rider Decade.I know most Malaysian Chinese like me already watch the Hong Kong Chinese Dub Jetman since we were young [still I think I am a newbie].

I only expose to Power Ranger since I am young. Even I am in kindergarten. Through my experience watching it every season of power rangers, I mean does it get violence from each season to other? not really, because dialogue increase and Comedic dialogue from season to season also increase.

Parents seem to say it is violence because they never watched this kind of show before when they are young; What I mean is Generation Gap.I repeat GENERATION GAP.

Parents still haven't get the point where children in some of the stage need to be expose to this kind of stuff to know the world. Sometimes I also felt that why we didn't exposed to sentai when we are young. Sentai did come to Malaysian Channel TV2, when we are waiting for the next season of Power Rangers[that only happen a few years ago]. But due to the video quality of the sentai, ppl tends to ignore it.

Luca said...

This is why it should have been for adults in the first place.

Saban should never have done anything with toku because now nobody who I show Kamen Rider to takes it seriously. It's amazing how one man can massacre an entire genre.

Saying that Kamen Rider looks like Power Rangers is like saying that Death Note looks like Pokemon.

Anonymous said...

actually not only super sentai or power rangers, kamen rider gt such problem...Even Naruto, Digimon and etc get such problem as well, and due to this lot of scene in the original video is censor and changed...I mean come on XD, why censor it...I am a Naruto fan as well...this actually not only happen to this community as well...haha...here fight for sentai like; In Naruto fanbase, we fight for no censorship and orginality of the video and NO RE-EDITING

bigjj5 said...

That's a dumb question they censor Naruto because it's on a kids network. I imagine if they show a character creating a ritual for a fictonal God and stabbing himself to inflict pain on others is a tad too violent wouldn't you say?

Also the thing is there are worse things kids could watch and do but parents get on Power Rangers. shame

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. Much better than the first video, but still I find your speech too slow and stuttering.

Anyways, I see that people for the 60's and 70's call violence what is just action. I think Power rangers has action, not violence. Wanna see what I mean? Play Mortal Kombat 9, THAT's violence.

The worst of all is that there's fans that think PR would have been a good show for adults. That's just silly.