Friday, June 10, 2011

Poll Results: Hime Shinken Red Key/Violence/PRS New Episodes in Fall?

(The above picture I doctored through a photo program)
Do you think a female Shinken Red Ranger key is strange?
Makes no sense
68 (26%)
Who cares? Epic!
125 (49%)
Either Way is fine
78 (30%)
Don't Mind
66 (25%)

Would you be okay with no new episodes of Power Rangers Samurai for the summer and then new ones in September?
139 (46%)
162 (53%)

If there is no new episodes of Power Rangers Samurai for the rest of June and also July and August, how long can you wait for new episodes?
238 (82%)
15 (5%)
4 (1%)
30 (10%)

Do you think Power Rangers is violent for kids?
21 (6%)
325 (93%)

Is Power Rangers violent for you?
Play Violent
92 (26%)
Just Violent
15 (4%)
Real Violent
11 (3%)
Not Violent at all
230 (66%)

Which season of Power Rangers do you find most violent?
Season 1
48 (13%)
Season 2
30 (8%)
Season 3
24 (6%)
28 (8%)
27 (7%)
86 (25%)
Lost Galaxy
107 (31%)
Time Force
118 (34%)
Wild Force
44 (12%)
Ninja Storm
30 (8%)
Dino Thunder
39 (11%)
51 (14%)
Mystic Force
27 (7%)
29 (8%)
Jungle Fury
40 (11%)
192 (55%)
45 (13%)
45 (13%)


Fantasy Leader said...

I don't think it's strange at all that there's a female Shinken Red Key. Why? Cause remember, in Shinkenger, there were two separate ShinkenRed powers. One for Takeru and one for Kaoru. Thus, they could both transform together and fight together if they wanted (even if it was never shown in the series). As shown in the Legend War, Takeru lost his ShinkenRed powers, which got turned into the ShinkenRed Ranger key. However, Kaoru also lost her own powers which turned into a second ShinkenRed Ranger Key. So I think it makes sense that there's two separate Ranger Keys for them.

Though I do wonder, if a male character used the female ShinkenRed key, would he end up wearing a skirt? Probably not, but just a thought. Hehehe.

orez33 said...

i think what makes more sense with the Hime Shinken Red key is that it is in the possession of Basco because he doesn't transform in a sentai ranger he just put the keys in his trumpet to summon them so in the case he puts a "female" key on it Basco will get a female ranger, but that is only my opinion

Mugen said...

Ofcourse it makes sense. Same Color, similar powers, but different sources and Rangers!

Really a pity we never saw Double ShinkenRed!

Douglas said...

what season was picture five from?

i still find a female ShinkenRed key redundant unless it's only used by the girls and the regular ShinkenRed key by the guys.

for the other Extra Hero/Ranger keys it's going to be interesting to see them used by the oppisite gender.

Lavender Ranger said...

4: SPD, Magiranger
6: RPM