Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Toys

These toys have been spotted at some Toys R Us all over the United States.

Shogun Battlized Ranger

Samurai Morpher

There was a special Demo Day last Saturday (I didn't know! argh) at participating Toys R Us that gave out goody bags with stickers.

And says they are getting some toys (Deker, Gold Ranger figures, regular Red, Green and Blue figures and Octozord) in August and September:


Jon B said...

I work at Toys R Us and gave some of those stickers that day. Just a certificate and some stickers. Giving them out revealed that we have quite a few new members in our fandom. :D

Jon B said...

Just saw the Battilized Ranger at my store. Pretty cool looking. I like the design of it, fitting in with the Samurai theme of both this season and Shinkenger.