Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Poll Results: Gosei Adapation and Kamen Rider Saban Adapation

These are 'what if' situations, we do not what will happen for Power Rangers in 2012 nor 2013, we don't know if Goseiger will be adapted for 2012 or 2013.

What you rather have for 'season two' of Samurai?
Goseiger ala MMPR S2
66 (18%)
Goseiger ala Zeo
84 (23%)
New footage ala Zyu2
68 (19%)
Use movies & new scenes
80 (22%)
New cast/Goseiger
236 (66%)

Realistically, what do you think Saban will do for 'season two' of Samurai?
Goseiger ala MMPR S2
69 (20%)
Goseiger ala Zeo
56 (16%)
New footage ala Zyu2
60 (17%)
Use movies & new scenes
67 (19%)
New cast/Goseiger
162 (48%)
Choices 2, 3, and 4
78 (23%)

Do you think they should use the Goseiger suits and footage for 'season 2'?
207 (60%)
110 (32%)
Just Zords, no suits
48 (14%)

Do you think realistically Saban will adapt Kamen Rider Decade?
Yes, ala KRDK
108 (32%)
No, not at all
106 (32%)
Maybe only for Samurai
142 (42%)
Not even for PRS
43 (12%)

Would you want Saban to adapt Kamen Rider Decade?
151 (63%)
88 (36%)

Which Kamen Rider series would you rather Saban adapt first if they take on the franchise?
58 (26%)
48 (22%)
36 (16%)
66 (30%)
81 (37%)
60 (27%)
76 (34%)
76 (34%)
80 (36%)

Would you want the Gokaigers to transform into Kamen Rider OOO's forms in the Gokaiger-OOO summer movie?
212 (65%)
55 (17%)
56 (17%)

Would you want GokaiSilver to use other keys other than the Sixth Ranger Keys?
Yes, Core Keys
160 (48%)
Yes, Extra Hero Keys
257 (77%)
32 (9%)


Stryks said...

Da hell?
People rather see a den-o adaptation over Double? wtf

And I think double makes the most sense, since anything before decade is a bit too old to adapt nowadays, but if they can adapt double with the same story and everything, plus the amount of toys they can sell with all of the forms and gaia memories, it's the best one they can adapt.

The onward they can adapt OOO, then Fouze, and so on

Anonymous said...

Wow first to comment anyway does anyone know what is happerning to Power Rangers in terms of Goseiger.

Anonymous said...

Is it true Goseiger will be adapted in 2013 rather then 2012 which one is it.

Anonymous said...

Could someone explain Goseiger ala Zeo please is that like thaey lose there shinkenger powers and get the Goesiger powers in there place.

Lavender Ranger said...

What I meant by the Zeo remark was if they took the Samurai cast and gave them new villains, new headquarter, new suits (goseiger), zords, etc.

Luca said...

Ah yes, Den-O is by far everyone's favorite because of the pretty hair and comedic situations. I like Kiva best because of the angst. All I know is Saban better not touch Kamen Rider ever again. I'd appreciate it if Sentai didn't either. If anyone is going to adapt any Kamen Rider season to American TV, I think it would be most popular dubbed as an adult comedy.

bigjj5 said...

I would love to see Saban take a shot at KAmen Rider again. I feel now they can make it even better now that they're smarter.

I think Den-O and Kiva would be good. THe footage is in HD and is not that old. Den-O would be a good light hearted season with comedy. Kiva would work best because of the vampire motif and Nick's audience of tween girls would eat this up.

Anonymous said...

request poll for Gokaiger...
I think the period of Shinkenger to Gokaiger currently is the golden age of Super Sentai, well written Sentai than most sentai in the past...

So do such of poll haha...sure we can see sometimes...

Ângelo said...

Well, I had heard that Goseiger would have been skipped in the schedules for the future of Power Rangers, then to adapt Gokaigers.

But I thought of a similar occurrence of a second or third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, or the kind: Who leaves, and (or) Who will remain for the new series.

Well, if you confirm an upcoming adaptation of Kamen Rider, I wonder, is Saban's Masked Rider II or Kamen Rider: Delta Commander Data (or DCD - which would in this case the Decade) ...