Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gokaiger Episodes 28-35 Summaries

DUKEMON22 Wrote:

Episode 28:
Title- Tsubasa wa Eien ni (Wings are Forever)
Airs- 9/4/11
"Mera Mera~ to Hi no Tori Jyaaku na Teki wo Uchitaosu" (Burning Burning~The Phoenix will defeat the evil enemy) This is what Navi's latest Takara Navigate revealed! Marvelous and co. begin to search for the Jetman's great power, thanks to a top from Ikari Gai. Just then, a bike-riding mystery man shows up. This man steals Joe's Mobirates, and his true identity is revealed to be Yuki Gai (played by Wakamatsu Toshihide), the former BlackCondor of Jetman! "Look for the Jetman no further", is his warning.

Bounty Hunter Kiaido will be this episode's villain. Going by magazine scans Yuuki Gai is in fact dead, why he steals the Mobirates from Joe...not quite sure, but he's shown with a CrossChanger in the preview.

Episode 29:
Title- Abare Shichihenge de Atarashii Gattai (Abare Seven Change New Combination)
Airs- 9/11/11

Sanjou Yukito (Played by Tomita Shou), Abaranger's former AbareBlue, appears to help the Gokaiger. In tow his Yukito's wife and secretary, Sanjou Emiri (Played by Nishijima Michi), who insists that she was the Abaranger's former AbarePink. Aihm undergoes a "Shichihenge" (a Kabuki dance where the actor changes clothes 7 times). Could one of these changes be....AbarePink?!

A hidden formation, left untaught by Nakadai Mikoto, the former AbareKiller, using the Abaranger's Great Power. Using the Abaranger Keys in GokaiOh, GokaiOh is able to unite with Goujyujin's arms. GojyuGokaiOh presents the idea that different legends have the potential to teach different great powers, and/or that hidden potential exists for all great powers Action Commander Daiyaaru is this episode's villain. This episode was also noted to feature Aihm and Gai pretending to be a couple.

Episode 30:
Title- Tomo no Tamashii dakedemo (Only a Friend's Soul)
Airs- 9/18/11
Liveman's former YellowLion, Ohara Jou (Played by Nishimura Kazuhiko), appears in front of Joe! Joe, who obtains the blueprints to Barizorg, heads to Academia to see if there is a way to return Barizorg to the way he was! Great Scientist Zaien will be this episode's villain.

Episode 31:
Title- N/A
Airs- 9/25/11
Ohranger's Former OhRed, Hoshino Gorou (Played by Shishido Masaru) , makes contact with Basco, while Ohranger's Former OhPink, Maruo Momo (Played by Satou Tamao) makes contact with the Gokaiger! Navi's Treasure Navigate tells the Gokaiger, "Uaoh! Uaoh!", but what does that even mean? Regardless, Marvelous and crew set out to look for the latest great power.

Before them appears a placard-wearing woman who tells them "Here is the Great Power." What is this woman's true identity?! Also, Basco hatches a plan to get this Great Power! Things get serious, please don't miss it!

The bench where he was stabbed. :(
UPDATED 9/9/11
Episode 32 - The focus is split two ways, but the main focus is on Don and his creation of the Gokai Galleon Buster.

Episode 33 - Dairanger tribute episode. Ryou of the Heavenly Fire Star (Tenkasei Ryou) aka Ryu Ranger who previously appeared in the Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle will make his appearance!

Episode 34 - Luka's backstory episode.

Episode 35 - Go-Onger tribute episode which is possible to last for another episode. Sousuke Esumi aka Go-OnRed appears. The new Engine, MachFalcon will make its debut, Hiroaki Hirata best known for his roles in Tiger & Bunny's Wild Tiger, One Piece's Sanji and Johnny Depp's official Japanese voice actor will voice the new Engine.

More Rumors:
Rumor has it that ChangeDragon, YellowFlash, and RedMask will make some sort of appearence in episode 32 to grant the Gokaiger their powers. It isn't specifically mentioned what kind of appearence, so it's not a confirmation of returning actors.

On that note, the GalleonBuster will likely utilize the powers of Ohranger, Changeman, Flashman and Maskman.


Hallwings said...

This is going to be one awesome month.

Morello said...

Gai Yuuki dead... Why?

Brian S said...

Man, Gokaiger's really getting Good! A row of past Sentai for the Gokaigers to meet! I just hope that there can be a past Green Ranger to appear in Gokaiger!

Anonymous said...

I thought the Liveman episode would've been about Marvelous and Basco (friends turned enemies), but Joe and Barizorg makes just as much sense.

Anonymous said...

To me, Momo Maruo is the hottest actress who did sentai. It'll be nice to see her again

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they plan something special for Changeman since they haven't changed into them at all. Maybe the last one to be unlock, being totally forgotten by the pirates.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Abare Pink thing is to make it so that Ahim doesn't do nothing/just fight as Gokai Pink while the rest use Abaranger for the tribute episode.

As we go into the older series, I wonder what they'll do with Gai for the tribute episodes.

Lavender Ranger said...

Gai for older tribute episodes? Gold mode of course!

Anonymous said...

Kinda sad if they do the same thing for him as the Gingaman/Go Go V tributes. You know, just fighting on his own.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought: If they got two power variations from Abaranger, shouldn't they have three from Shinkenger (Kaoru, Chiaki, Genta) or something to that extent :)

Luca said...

The legs on the Jetman suits look weird. I understand that it's because birds don't have feathers on their legs, but I still think it looks dumb like a thong or whatever.

On the other hand, AbareBlue has epic hair.

Chantal said...

im so happy momo (oh pink) is comming back..but instead of oh red i wanted to see oh blue :(