Wednesday, August 31, 2011



View Discretion is Advised. This is a non-profit project, lots of sweat ad blood. Thank you so much to those who helped, this took around three years. Power Rangers is property of Saban Brands and Gosei Sentai Dairanger is property of Toei Company. The following is for no profit and meant for fun and inspired by fans.

This is the story (similar to Shinkenger) where 5 youngsters have destiny to fulfill because their families fought and they trained too. Set in 2005. Tyson (Red) doesn't think he needs the help and Larry (Green) doesn't want to do it. Marvin, their tech guy, sets out to collect all five of them.

I know some scenes you cant hear what they are saying, some scenes blurry, some don't match lighting (one bright, one dark) and some sound effects are wrong places. No time to reshoot and we all did this for free in our spare time. There is a reason it is amateur! And yes, I know it's short. I'll be releasing a Director's Commentary soon!

Part 1 HQ:

Part 2 HQ:

Part 3 HQ:



Vickram101 said...

I liked it. The premise was similar to shinkenger, but I liked how you did your own spin on it. The acting was head on in the 1st video, aside from the girls in the end of that vid.Sorry Gals. The 2nd vid everyone just acts like if their tired. They need put some energy when they're surprised, excited and when they see a monster. The dubbing was good. By time the last vid, everything seemed to come together the acting was a bit better. Also don't ever change the yellow ranger, she's like a combo of Jade from victorious and luna from harry potter. All in all I liked it, but thought it could've done without the cursing. I give it a 2.5 out of 5. Atleast it's better than Samurai. Good Job.

galacticsquad55 said...

pretty good, great job!!!!!!!!, I really liked this episode

Anonymous said...

It is much better than Samurai, now make a memoorial post to Ankh!