Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mythical Destiny - Director's Commentary

You don't have to listen to my commentary, but I love commentaries and have listened to a lot of them. I know not a lot of people like commentaries. Also wanted to say that the reason Larry (Green) is called Larry is because it was his personal request since he never heard of a Ranger name like that. He love Super Sentai and especially the monsters. Raquel (Pink) wasn't that into PR but now loves being a Power Ranger, she kept her jacket. Alexis (Yellow) was indifferent but seen the movies before as a kid. Sean (Red) was a fan since a kid, he has seen MMPR to Lightspeed and knows of SPD. Peter (Blue) didn't really know much but remember MMPR and imitated Jason in the dub. Johnny (Vorous) knows a lot of PR, mostly Saban era and knows some Sentai. In fact, he was going to be a Bulk-like character.

The Opening:


Luca said...

I was gonna name my green ranger Larry... I think it's the prefect name for a comic relief character.

Luca said...

Actually, I like commentary. I just don't like Power Rangers.