Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gokaiger Toy Showroom Machalcon and Gokai Galleon Buster

Gokai Galleon Buster

 If you notice in the top part of the Buster ad, it has seven circles. Clockwise: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Silver and a Purple circle. There is a blacked out key (probably blacked out to avoid spoilers) there, you can't see it, just white gloves on the Rangerkey. When the Gokai Guns came out, I remember the seven LED lights and seeing purple and white and hoping for a purple Gokaiger. Now it being purple it might mean a Black Ranger. But since this is the last toy wave, a new Gokaiger could be unlikely. Many people are suspecting Basco might become a Gokaiger, maybe its a re-colored Gokai Red. Or a tie-in to the next Sentai. Who knows? We'll see!


Kuhan said...

I think it's just if you put a different season's Black Ranger in or something.

LUKE said...

I still think it is Gokai purple/ violet; basco maybe? all maybe a logic for basco since he have the Gokai treasure for the coming series...A plot twist???

Lavender Ranger said...

I really wish it is a new ranger, and most likely it would be Basco because adding another new character.. well Gekiranger did it. Zuuban and GekiChopper appeared in episode 28. 32 would be late, I guess.

But realistically I think we might not get a purple/black key, its just an advertisement to highlight the LED and was not suppose to do it.

jre2624 said...

Well maybe it is a Gokai Violet. maybe its a Gokai Black. I didn't watch Dekaranger but I watched SPD. Didn't Nova (Dekabright) show up in the final battle? who says Gokaiger cannot bring in another character?

LUKE said...

-Basco’s betrayal was planned by AkaRed. He gave him a secret mission but to perfectly fulfill it, he had to betray the Red Pirates.
-AkaRed and Navi are still in the secret. Basco should join the Gokaigers sooner or later.

[If this rumour its true from Jefusion, then we will get the biggest twist in the series]

and that mean Basco is the...XD ya u knw...if that is true =D