Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just Ideas: Possible Power Rangers Theme Park Attractions?

Here is my own renditions and ideas. This by no means for sure will happen or are official. Nor have I heard any rumors or truth about any real ideas. Feel free to add comments on your ideas. I have a poll going on right now and when the results come out, I will either reiterate these ideas or link to this post. These are also the options from the poll.

Got the idea from the Hulk rollercoaster. I'm not a big fan of rollercoasters, but I can imagine that the cars can be in different colors as the rangers and be like a rainbow coaster. And maybe have a select villain.

Enclosed 'Dark' Ride
A ride like the ones at Disney (Small World, Peter Pan, Snow White, Winnie the Pooh, etc.) or the Spider-man ride at Universal Islands of Adventure. The ride can be 3-D like Spider-man or be like the ones I mentioned before with animatronics that barely move. They can tell a story. It could be of any select Power Ranger team, I vote for Mighty Morphin. since it is the best known. Most rides go from room to room, the first room could have Rita escaping the dumpster, second have Zordon telling Alpha to get five teenagers and we see the morphed Rangers appear, the third can have the Rangers fighting a monster or Goldar and fourth Megazord battle and fifth could have Zedd and Green Ranger and so on.

Indoor Stageshow
The Stage show Saban had in 1995 could be replicated or made better inside a housing stadium like Disney has for their stage shows, which are virtually all gone but the ones I grew up with where Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid in MGM Studios. I like air conditioning. And having it indoors, it can have special effects or 3-D. And this show can have different Rangers from different teams and being in-suit, they can have different voice actors. They can take the plot of Super Legends where Zedd returned.

(RPM in Philippines)

Outdoor Stageshow
Disney Hollywood Studios only had the Rangers in a parade and meet and greet, but back when it was MGM Studios, there was Ninja Turtles and they had a outdoor stageshow and then they did a meet and greet. As we said before, Sentai has plenty of stageshows and most of them are outdoors and they do pyrotechnics. Outdoors could also have a slight arena roof.

(Mystic Force and Dino Thunder in a foreign market)

In a Parade
The only thing Disney had them do was participate in the Car parade in Hollywood Studios. I have covered this many times before as they had one member from a different team and would rotate members, having a member of a new team replace one from four years before, for example Mystic Pink replaced Pink Time Force Ranger.

Meet and Greet
After the parade and at different times in Disney World Hollywood Studios in Orlando, the suited Power Rangers would sign autographs. To start out again, Saban will probably have all 5 Samurai Rangers and then slowly add a new member from a new team replacing another. I do wish they would have like Samurai Red, MMPR Pink, RPM Black, Jungle Fury Yellow and Operation Overdrive Blue.

Martial Art Demo

What I was thinking of was in-suit but an outdoor thingy where they train kids with simple marital art things and have an actual Martial Arts person be the host and explain.

Game-like Ride
In Disney World Magic Kingdom there is this Buzz Lightyear ride where you go in cars and have to zap targets. So maybe each looks like a zord and you have targets from different series, like one room has putties and Lord Zedd is in command at a park or cave and another has Cylcobots and Ransik is the boss inside a cityscape and another has Grinders and Venjix (a giant tube) in his headquarters, etc.

Museum of History
Ah, I want this so much. I imagine a big space with several rooms, it doesn't have to be as big as an actual musuem but it would be awesome to see suits in cases. They wouldn't have to have all the suits of each rangers but at least a few from each team. Or maybe all the helmets. I mean, there are some fans that have one helmet from each team. Not only suits and helmets of the team but like with Sentai that has Megazords, villains, and vehicles.


henshin0 said...

For the 3d (back to the future-esqu) ride, they can ride the astro megaship, or be in the cockpit of a megazord or both. They can have a command center maze game, where they have to find goldar and rito's bomb or divatox's detonator. Oh there could be a body-switch attraction, were in teams of two, you are separated in a maze, and you are blindfolded with goggles that have camera feed of what's in front of your partner, and you must use a microphone set in your goggles to help eachother navigate through eachother's maze. Maybe a green screen, where you can morph as or with your favourite team

Douglas said...

i could see all but the roller coaster and dark ride.
the stage shows would be easy to update.
the MA classes are kinda low on happening but still probable.
a video game ride would be fun.

Luca said...

A theme park would be okay as long as it focused on all seasons equally instead of just MMPR. I once had a dream that I went on a Power Rangers ride at a theme park. It was pretty trippy. I liked it.

Michael K. said...

A serpentera enclosed rollercoaster

A buzzlighter year like game with the theme being Countdown to Destruction

A Super legends museum of time

The villain freeze machine where u can be shrunk down and you can create your own action figure like in Time Force

A movie theater where they show various episodes and the movies

Michael K. said...

An enclosed serpentera type rollercoaster

A buzz lightyear type ride with a countdown to destruction theme with you helping the rangers defeat villains

A super legends museum

A cryogenic freeze machine in time force where you can create your own action figure