Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dice-O Gokai Red Gold Mode

UPDATED 9/25/11
There will be four Dice-O cards of the Gokai Blue, Gokai Greem, Gokai Yellow and Gokai Pink wearing the Gold Mode armor. Thanks to Mr. yellow of Rangerboard for the pic.

This is old news, about Gokai Red Gold Mode, where Gokai Red wears the Gold Mode in Dice-O game. I didn't think it was worth mentioning before and a fan had e-mailed me telling me about it. They asked me if it would be on the show, I doubt it but that stuff can happen. But for now, there is just two cards on Dice-O. So far there has been no live-action shot of him in the armor. The armor has the sixth rangers on it, no changes to it. Now I bring it up because i didn't know they made an Armed Tyrannoranger card. Probably since Tyrannoranger got his shield from Dragon Ranger and Gokai Red got his from the sixth ranger is why they made the card. So far, it is the only card I've seen of any Ranger in Gokaiger merchandise in their armored or powered up mode.

I also wanted to point out the Princess Shinken Red card.

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恪尔 Keir said...

Well, even if the Gokai red Gold mode didn't get the chance to show up in gokaiger, I got hunch that it will appear in Power rangers series (if Gokaiger is adapted)...

It's the perfect key to become Red's Battlized Armor...
Well, those 6th rangers' faceplate can easily be changed to the past red power rangers and perhaps fill in more than 15... Since we got around 17 Reds till now in power rangers history.

Nevertheless, really hope Saban could revamp the gold mode with past red rangers faceplates!