Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Poll Results for Mid-September 2011

14 polls.... A lot to go through.

 In Gokaiger, why do you think Gai Ikari couldn't see Gai Yuki?
Ikari is an Earthling 117
Alluding to Death 45
Share Same Name 12
Lesson Learned (that Gai has already learned her lesson) 19
All of Above 32
None of the Above 23

Second time: Which Tokusatsu do you like the most to be covered by this blog?
Super Sentai 226
Power Rangers 159
Kamen Rider 135
Metal Heroes 42
Others 35

 Do you think Henshin Grid should deal more with Kamen Rider than Power Rangers and Super Sentai?
No 203
Yes 52

 Which Kamen Rider first episode you like more than the whole series?
Decade - 64 votes

Which first episode of Kamen Rider did you like the most, regardless of feelings about the series?
Double - 54 votes

Which first ep of Kamen Rider you didn't like but you did like the rest of the series?
Double - 34

What do you think of Purple Circle in Gokaiger Galleon Buster Ad is?
New Black Gokaiger - 146

Have you seen the first episode of Kamen Rider Fourze?
Yes - 141

 Which of the following Kamen Rider series (Because they are post-Shinkenger) should Saban first adapt into Power Rider? 

{Something happened and what I wrote down got deleted by mistake and I'm too sick and tired to do it again so just click on these images and read them}


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