Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ranger Key Quality

While I was making that fake image of Ranger Keys for Happy Meal, I noticed some difference in the Hurricane Blue Key and then in other Keys as well. On the Hurricanger episodes of Gokaiger, the legs and arms of the Hurricanger keys are one solid color. Hurricane Blue has no skirt. But I remember in a magazine scan early on when Gokaiger started....

The keys above and other ones are much more detailed. If you notice, the Hurricane keys have grey arms and Hurricane Blue has skirt and legs. AbareBlue has triangles everywhere. PteraRanger has diamonds on her cuffs. GingaGreen has the bite marks on his cuffs.

 In the Gaspon Series 6, the Hurricanger have colored arms and legs, no grey. The Magiranger girls have no white legs!

 These are official keys in that look just like the ones used on the show.

 Gingaman cuffs have no bite marks.

Zyuranger cuffs have no diamonds (teeth). 

 Megaranger have no colors on the white stripe.

Abaranger keys have no triangles. hese are official keys in

 These are the keys I use for (Super Sentai section), and these are from TV-Asahi, they look just like the ones from, lack detail, compared to the Magazine ones.
So where those detailed keys only made for the magazine and not for the show?

 Gao White Gasphon key and the key teeth from GaoWhite key in Episode 3 of Gokaiger. As you can see the Gasphon key has a circle and half circle on bottom and top has teeth near the figure and one long one near the end. The show has one circle and two little teeth and one long tooth on the other side. They may have default key teeth, because I can't figure they made the 199 keys before the show and settled on designs.


 This is the difference between deluxe, candy toy and Gashapon keys. The above picture is not mine, found it online.


Douglas said...

did you only notice after i had told you about Hurricanger Blue or sometime before on Deviantart. BTW i'm called LDboy on Deviantart.

Lavender Ranger said...

Doug, before because I was thinking about it but when I got some more details like the Gasphon keys and the key teeth, I had enough info to make a post. Because sometimes I have an idea but if I don't have enough pictures for it, I wait a bit.