Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack

I had heard of Robotack but dismissed it because I thought it was just a little kid Toku like I perceive B-Robo Kabutack. B-Robo Kabutack is a semi-sequel of B-Fighter and looks goofy along side of it. Since my nephew is throwing toy cars at us and hitting us with his 'Kiyahs' and karate chops, I decided to show him B-Robo and stumbled upon Robotack. I thought it looked cool and showed it to my nephew and surprised there was more action and more violence. So can't show it to him anymore because he threw a toy at his mom.

I think it was because of this image above, I thought not much of it. But these two characters become robot warriors and fight hard against other ones. They might make animal noises and talk like kids and the hero actually spouts cartoon tears, but it is like any other Toku.

  Tetsuwan Tantei Robotack was produced by Toei Company, it is the final Metal Hero Series, aired from 1998-1999 alongside Seiju Sentai Gingaman on TV Asahi (Remember that Kamen Rider didn't air from 1990 until 2000).

  Robotack had a crossover with Gingaman in a stageshow.
 Red Rangers often appeared in stageshows before Gokaiger. Here are OhRed, Red Racer, Ninja Red, and Mega Red.

Robotack's buddy, a turtle.He came to Japan from China following Robotack. He lives in the apartment near the Shardock P.D. Agency. He is troubled by Mimeena's courting. His Super Mode weapon is the Kamerazooka. His motif is based on the legend of Urashima Taro. He can replace his arms with Darkrow's left arm and Kabados' right arm to become Kamerock Masakari Slicer Special.

Green Wonder mole-type robot with a mole-type biochip. He is working under Karamatsu for the Yumegaoka police. He had worked for the Prefecture of Police in Paris, adapting a French accent as a result. Since he is mainly an underground working-type robot, his sensor causes a system error to an intense light. 

Wonder bunny-type robot with a rabbit-type biochip. She is the Wonder-type robot, but does not have the Magnet Change function. She supplies robots with the repair services. She has fallen in love with Kamerock. She ends her sentences with "Pyon."

Blue and White Wonder hawk-type robot with a hawk-type biochip. He had studied to become a teacher without knowledge of the Land Tool missing. He teaches Kakeru and his friends at the Yumegaoka Elementary School. In the Special Mode, Takkard flies at 800 km/h, using the Hawk Shield to protect himself.

Yellow Wonder tiger-type robot with a tiger-type biochip who is the president of Gold Platinum. The creation of the tiger-type biochip by Dr. Takamine did not go smoothly, and so he had a cat-type biochip instead, but it was exchanged for the tiger-type biochip by Dr. Takamine in the finale. He is indignant to Dr. Takamine and plots the fall of Harappa. He is a Hanshin Tigers fan.

Black Wonder crow-type robot with a crow-type biochip. The deputy branch manager of Gold Platinum's Yumagaoka Branch. Since he broke the Elder's precious vase, he was exiled from Harappa. He has rivalry with Kamerock. Although he is a crow-type robot, he has a fear of heights. Special Mode's weapon is the KaraSlicer.

Orange Wonder hippopotamus-type robot with a hippopotamus-type biochip. Darkrow's follower and was too exiled from Harappa. He ends his sentences with "Dosu." Special Mode's weapon is the Masakarihawk ax. 

Speedam/Speedy Wonder and Mightburn/Mighty Wonder
Red Wonder dog-type robot was the latest model scientist robot of Harappa who is a candidate in the next senior, and he is the designer of Mightburn. Whenever he and Mightburn eat a fully ripened red Wonder Seed, they execute Reversal Combine into the fastest hero Speedy Wonder. He knew that Robotack and Torabolt are brothers. Mightburn is a purple Wonder monkey-type robot  who was created by Speedam, although he is evil. Whenever he and Speedam eat an unripened green Wonder Seed or a crushed, fully ripened Wonder Seed, or a dead Wonder Seed, they "Reversal Combine" into the strongest evil robot Mighty Wonder. He became a good robot by the shock of crashing into a temple bell.

 Master Ranking
An elephant and a whale robot who appears when a Badge is found. He judges the game for CongraTrophies, his carrier unit changes into the Ranking Arena. While he gives the CondraTrophy to the winner, he executes a failure game to the losing player. His motif is based on Hindu mythology.

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