Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 31 and 32 Preview

I was not able to catch this episode because of a family engagement but got these captures from the usual Japanese forum.

Basco and Wolzard Fire gets the legend powers of Changeman (judging from the outfit, we don't see his face)

 OhPink offers her legend power to Marvelous, he refuses.

Basco with his 9 Extra Hero clones

Gai became Go-On Wing combo
 Gokai Silver Super Mode takes down two
Wolzard and Zuuban become huge

Gai finishes off Wolzard Fire and Zuuban

The Gokaiger summon Ohranger's cannon

 Gai manages to gain all 9 keys.

Basco shows off his new monster form.

Basco has the legend powers of Changeman, Maskman and Flashman

Next Episode (32)...
Gokai Red as Mask Red
 Gokaiger as Kakuranger
 Gokaiger as JAKQ

Gai and Don work on the buster and the other four become Changeman (FINALLY... sort of) and Gekiranger. The final pictures are from


LUKE said...

this mean if Basco might not be the new Gokaiger; there's somebody else...hmm...

Douglas said...

so that's what Basco has been up to.
Basco's new monster form looks like one of the oni guys from Kamen Rider Den-O.
bout time for Changeman.
guessing the UAOH are trying to help protect the other sentais from Basco.