Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gokaiger 41 Scans and Gokaiger vs. Gavan

Episode 41: 

This is a translation form a collection of people (Rangerboard's chichoc, Redribbonarmy, and xzomega): 2 sets of 5 ranger keys per month starting January 2012, for sure There are 2 sets coming out on January. 123 is the number of keys that were/are being released in 2011. Apparently there will be a new toy to fit the keys like Mobirates in 2012, but it is not clear if they will be Gashapon, Deluxe or Candy Toys. I, Lavender Ranger, think it might be a mix, just like before. Probably the most popular teams will get deluxe set of five. Unlikely a team like Flashman or Changeman will get a deluxe set, but I've been proven wrong before.

Gokaiger vs. Gavan:

Denji Blue, Gavan, and Battle Kenya

Gavan Bootleg

Gavan Bootleg vs. Gavan

Basco and Sally

Kegaleshia (Go-Onger) and Shizuka no Wind (Boukenger)

Jellishito in prision

Shizuka and Kegaleshia in prision

Kegaleshia, Kita-chan and Yogostein

 Yatsudenwani (Abaranger) and Gakku (Boukenger) and Bae (Gekiranger)--great to see Bae again!


Douglas said...

wonder what happened between Jeloushito and the woman he married to warrent him being in jail.
also aren't all those returning villains ones that had turned good in the end?

Lavender Ranger said...

Shizuka and Gekkou were still doing crimes. The alligator, probably for his crimes. Bae probably guilty by association. Yogostein never said he was good. And the other two Gaiarc, didn't exactly helped out Go-Onger in Shinken vs Go-On.

Jonathan said...

I approved of this movie when it was just Gaven henshining (I doubted a Gokaiger vs. Gaven, but I never doubted Gaven would henshin if it was true). The inclusion of Denji Blue and Battle Kenya henshined makes the film better and hopefully quells the grumbles of the production team including Gaven when there were still Sentai teams. Probably also helps the budget, as they don't need to duplicate one guys three times. :D Can't wait to see the film and episode 41.

Drunken Lemur said...

Any sign of Dryer Jigen being in jail? Or would that be too obscure?

Lavender Ranger said...

I think they are only doing this decade.

lionel_B said...

I suppose that Battle Kenya is better than nothing, it's still the first black ranger ... But I wanted so much to see all the members of the Battle Fever J

Dessa said...

My opinion on the new keys: I want my Candy Toy Gokai Yellow. And Hime Shinken Red, but mainly Gokai Yellow. Heck, ANY originally-female key, the only female Candy Toy key is Go-On Silver. Of course, then I have to hope Uwajimaya actually gets them in, but...

Kung Fu Colored said...

Maybe we will see a Kamen Rider OOO key or other Rider keys since OOO is programmed into the Mobirate?