Sunday, November 27, 2011

Power Rangers Samurai: Did we miss something?

I thought this was self-explanatory but there seems to be a lot of fans that are confused and complaining that certain things come out of nowhere without explanations. We do understand that "Clash of Red Rangers" doesn't take place after "The Ultimate Deal" or "Party Monsters," it probably takes place way after that since Shark Bite comes from Shinkenger Episode 36 and 'Ultimate Deal' was adapted from Episode 26. This episode takes place after they got the Super Mode and all this stuff. The episode aired out of order, it was broadcast early. It's funny that the first two episodes aired late and this one too early.

Here is a guide:
Super Mode
Lots are asking what this is. Remember the Black Box? Well, it makes Super Mode. Any of the Rangers cna become super mode, but they need the Black Box, they can only use it one at a time.

Shark Attack Mode
The first time we see it is in Clash of the Red Rangers Part 2. In Power Rangers continuation, Scott uses it first and then later Jayden uses it. They got the disk from Jii.

Mega Shark Mode
When a Ranger is in Shark Mode and goes in the zord, this appears. Probably the same but a white armor when the Ranger is in Super mode.

And how does Super mode look when they are in Mega mode in the zords?

Armor Morphin Rangers

He appeared in a flashback in "Ultimate Deal," he was that made Dayu and Deker into Nighlok. We will probably see his proper introduction in 2012.

 This thing Antonio was holding---I don't know the American name yet, the toy hasn't come out yet and they didn't mention it. In Japan, it is a talking robot Gold makes that becomes big and combines with some of the zords. Don't know what the story is behind it here with Samurai.

 I'm distracted by Jayden's hideous bowl haircut, when did he cut it? Sorry, I should stop joking. I was just kidding about being distracted.

Here are some scans of the Japanese footage:

What else? Ask me.


Erik Johnson said...

Oh so the black box grants the Super Mode?

I figured since they hinted that opening the box would activate something powerful and Red Ranger exclusive I thought it might have been build up for a new Battlizer.

animemaster9009 said...

See this is what I was getting at with my last comment. I can handle most of the rpm cast being there but they failed to explain where all the power ups came from.

Lavender Ranger said...

yeah it went out of order. Erik, I thought it granted the Battlizer too and that super mode would not appear but i guess they changed their minds. Maybe the black box serves for two things like andros' Battlizer did or how triassic ranger worked.

Anonymous said...

Also they used Genta's Sushi cart when "scott" met up with "antonio".

I mean i have watched subbed eps and even the movies... i would have liked it if they split tit up... but i guess Disney cashed out and Saban didn't have that much to make too many scenes of their own.

lionel_B said...

For the robot Antonio, in the American version, it should be called "Lantern Zords", I hope that he will speak like its Japanese equivalent T-T.

Izatt said...

I'm pretty I read somewhere that the lantern is going too become the Spider Zord.

whiteranger/wolfmaster said...

so what happened to Dayu? i know this aired way out of order but what happedn to her?

Lavender Ranger said...

About Dayu, I don't know about the reason on Power Rangers. But in Shinkenger, she left when arguing with bird skeleton head guy, Serrator is his US name?