Thursday, December 1, 2011

SPOILER ALERT! Introducing the Go-busters!

 UPDATED 12/2/11 11PM EST
Like clockwork, promised on December, pictures thanks to Dukemon22 of TokuInsider:

Tokumei Sentai Gobuster
 Blue Buster with his Gorilla partner, Red Buster with his cheetah partner, and Yellow Buster with her Rabbit buddy. Cheetah in robot mode in background.

Buster Gear Series 01 MorphinBrace:
Releases- February
Price- 3,675 yen (temp price)
The Gobusters' transformation device. Has a Henshin Mode (transforms the rangers), Call Mode (summons Buddy Roids), Let's Driving Mode (summons Buster Machines), Analyze Mode, Robo Mode (activates GobusterAce), Game Mode (play a game using the dial on the MorphinBrace), Special Mode (secret mode activated via the brace's dial). Looking at the pictures, the henshin call seems to be "It's Morphing Time", with the catchphrase for the show being "It's time for Buster".

Buster Gear Series DX Gobusters Narikiri Set:
Releases- March
Price- 7,455 yen (temp price)

Set of Gear Sets 2 and 3
Buster Gear Series 04 Transpod:
Releases- March
Price- 3,360 yen (temp price)
Voice Changer/Walkie Talkie that doubles as a projectile weapon

Red's cheetah becomes car and then becomes robot.
Buster Machine CB-01 DX GobusterAce:
Releases- February
Price- 5,040 yen (temp price)
  The set includes Red's Buster Machine (a Sports Car) and Red's Buddy Roid, Chida Niku (Niku means Meat). As a Buddy Roid, Chida can transform into a cockpit for BusterRed to pilot. Chida Niku and Red's Buster Machine can combine into the "Buster Vehicle CB-01 Cheetah". It can then undergo a transformation into animal form, making it into a Buster Animal, "Buster Animal CB-01 Cheetah." That form then transforms into the robot, GobusterAce. Combines with Gorilla and Rabbit to form GobusterOh.

 Blue Gorilla and Yellow Rabbit sold together. Gorilla becomes Truck and Rabbit becomes helicopter.

 Buster Machine GT-02 Gorilla:
Releases- February
Price- 3,990 yen (temp price)
Set includes Blue's Buster Machine (a truck) and Gorisaki Banana, Blue's Buddy Roid. Gorisaki Banana, as a Buddy Roid, can transform into a cockpit for BlueBuster to pilot. Gorisaki and Blue's Buster Machine can combine into the "Buster Vehicle GT-02 Gorilla", which can then undergo a transformation into a Buster Animal, "Buster Animal GT-02 Gorilla." Combines with GobusterAce and Rabbit to form GobusterOh. 

BusterMachine RH-03 Rabbit:
Releases- March
Price- 3,465 yen (temp price)
Set includes Yellow's Buster Machine (a helicopter) and Usada Letas, Yellow's Buddy Roid. Usada Letas, as a Buddy Roid, can transform into a cockpit for YellowBuster to pilot. Usada and Yellow's Buster Machine can combine into the "Buster Vehicle RH-03 Rabbit", which transformed into a Buster Animal, "Buster Animal RH-03 Rabbit." Combines with Gobuster Ace and Gorilla to form GobusterOh. 

GT-02 Gorilla and RH-03 Rabbit Set:
Releases- March
Price- 7,455 yen (temp price)
Set of GT-02 and RH-03

 They transform together to become GobusterOh.
Go-BusterOh formation:
-Rabbit forms both arms, backs of the fist are the helicopter cockpit, forms the head, and other parts
-Gorilla forms both legs and body armor
-Go-BusterAce has clear sunglasses over his eyes
-Gorilla's head attaches to the chest, Rabbit's to the right shoulder, Cheetah's to the left shoulder

 Buster Gear Series 02 IchiganBuster:
Releases- February
Price- 3,990 yen (temp price)
Camera that changes into a gun. Based on an "ichigan" (single lens reflex camera). In Camera Mode, the toy can simulate zoom and shutter movement. Can combine with the SouganBlade to form the "Ichigan Buster Final Buster Mode"(name not fully legible, but I think this is it). Lights and sound.

Buster Gear Series 03 SouganBlade:
Releases- February
Price- 3,465 yen (temp price)
Binoculars that change into a sword. Name taken from "Sougan" (Binoculars). In Sougan Mode, seems to have a working scope. Looks to contain sounds of the Buddy Roids. Can combine with the IchiganBuster to form the "Ichigan Buster Final Buster Mode". Lights and sound.

A new Mobirates to be released later, separate from the main line of Gobusters. Sun Vulcan, Gaoranger, Gobuster and Aka Red (Finally!) Ranger Keys coming soon!


Anonymous said...

So, wait, how do the three mecha combine?

Erik Johnson said...

The design is alright. Its just that when I first saw them, the helmets kinda looked like hoods. Together with the big gold ski googles, shoulder pads that look like backpack straps and what looks to be a zipper down Red's front, well, at first I thought these were some sort of "Arctic Explorer" Action Figure Variant.

Off course we did just get a heavy snowfall up in my neck of the woods today so its possible I just have winter on the brain.

The design itself is well balanced and I do like the subtly of the animal motif in the helmets. I guess I don't know what I was expect given the "spy/episonage" theme of this series. Its hard to hear "spy" without thinking of a James Bond tuxedo, Emma Peel catsuit or Sam Spade's trenchcoat and fedora getup. Those would probably be next to impossible to incorporate into a ranger suit.

Lavender Ranger said...

Omg Erik. I didn't notice it because I'm in Florida. But now that u said it I see it does look like snow equipment. Pretty cool. Its kinda cold here btw.

Dessa said...

I was reading on Henshin Justice, and apparently people have found info implying possibly a Ghost in the Shell-ish story idea.

Also, they've got two more scans, the combined mech and the changers:

Drunken Lemur said...

I really don't like these costumes, which is saying something since I've liked pretty much every costume aside from Boukenger. I think my biggest problem is the pants, they just don't mesh well to me.

Erik Johnson said...

Behold Mighty Morphin Parka Rangers or Power Rangers: Ski Instructors! haha.

Yeah, I'm from Michigan myself. I have plenty of relatives in Flordia, but for some reason they never come up to visit.

lionel_B said...

Red Buster <3

But it's a mix of Gekiranger, Go-onger and Metal Heroes

COSMOGREEK 2 said...

awful costumes! no pink = no success!

mrpogi91 said...

i hope the yellow ranger is male

Xenothrope said...

Really liking these, a friend looked over my shoulder and said "The rabbit thing looks like R2D2 had a baby with Pikachu" :P
I am interested in the whole spy motif and hope the tone isn't to campy. Granted seeing these also makes me sad how little time we have left with Marvelous and his crew :(