Saturday, December 3, 2011

Queer Eye for Go-busters!

I haven't done one of these in a long time. Go-busters! I like the designs but I admit when I first saw it, I thought it was a bit striking. It took me a while to realize what everyone else was saying that they look like they are wearing winter jackets. That is because I first saw the pictures at 5am when I woke up and then went to work and din't have a good look at them until the afternoon. They have a spy theme and it said that it might be for the James Bond 50th anniversary. But many James Bond fans say the suits don't remind them of James Bond, but there isn't much you can do with colorful suits. Other people are complaining that they are using the animals as an excuse or staple, but honestly do we want other generic-looking helmets like Boukenger? The three do remind me of Gekiranger in the visor shapes and blue being male and yellow being female. But the animal designs aren't too overt.

Things I like:
  • The ranger-color visors, it is the second time it has been done, first being Timeranger.
  • The silver 'strap' design on the sides of the helmets.
  • I like how the 'jacket' covers the pants too and extends for a skirt for Yellow. It reminds of how Shinkenger and Gokaiger have extruding color into the black pants for the males. 
  • I love the bunny design on the yellow helmet.
  • I like the black straps on the arms and the device pouch, it is cute.
  • I like the brace on the arms and the single cuff that runs close to the hand like Dekaranger and Gokaiger.
Things I Don't Like:
  • The animal faces of Blue and Red. It is kinda looks boring and reminds too much of past Red and Blues. 
  • I don't like the black cuffs on the boots, reminds me too much of Go-Onger.
  • Even though I like silver, I don't like it on the sides of the torso. I also don't like the black legs, it all doesn't coordinate right. It seems too busy on top and less on the bottom. I like it more even. It would had been more interesting with thin silver lines on the torso and thick silver lines on the legs like on Go-On Wings.
  • I don't like the big silver mouthpieces. I like it if it was smaller and more discreet. But I understand why it has no mouth, to go with the spy theme.
Quick Critique of the Buddy Roids:
  • At first, I wasn't crazy about the Red Cheetah guy Chida Niku. It is obvious he turns into a motorcycle with the handle bars on his head. They are definitely going the BOA route of having cyles combine in some way to the zords. But it looks like only his head will combine with the car to make the zord. For me, he looks too much like a Metal Hero version of Red, too close to Red, while the other Buddy Roids don't look too much like their humans.
  • When Dukemon22 said Usada Letas would look like Bomper, I didn't know for real, I thought he'd be a bit taller. At least he doesn't look like that pink robot from Robotack or whatever.
  • Gorisaki Banana is alright, he reminds me of a more stream-lined robotic Ginga Gorilla from Gingaman. He is a bit broad-chested and bulky, but I am happy he is not too bulky.
The Final Word:
The suits definitely give more room to having new Rangers and add-on stuff.


Anonymous said...

Spies!? I thought they were Ghost Hunters! Go-Buster, Ghost-Buster, and all the gear, it seemed like what the ghost hunters use for their quests.

Lavender Ranger said...

It's complicated, I think the villains are still ghosts but they are spy-like ghost hunters, I believe. Rumor is the ghosts will be in robots like "Ghost in the Shell."