Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Henshin0's Sentai Mecha Wishlist

Hey guys, it's been a while. This is not a toy wishlist; it's more of a list of things I'd like to see in the future of sentai mecha. The things in my list vary from mecha, to theme, to limbs etc.
The first thing I wish to see is more insect themed sentai/mecha. With Beetbuster coming soon, I felt relieved to see a new insect senshi and mecha. Prior to gobusters, the insect senshi count in sentai was only 2: kaburaiger and kuwagaraiger from hurricangers. and the insect mecha prior to gobusters count is 4: gourai beetle, gourai stag, kabutogami, and stag header. Growing up as a kid, insect predacons were my favorite transformers, because of the complex structures as insects, and the complex transformations into robots, and gouraijin and the images of BC-04 were not disapointing. Furthermore, the theme of insect sentai hasn't been done yet. The closest thing to an insect sentai i've seen is kamen rider black rx, blade, and kabuto (but only in line-up scenes), and b-fighter/b-kabuto. Even the members of Eyeshine (the rockband with Johnny Yong Bosch [Adam Park] as the lead singer/rhythm guitarist of) all concurred with the desire for an insect theme when i told them about a rock themed sentai (that's another story). The point is, there needs to be more insect senshi and mecha, and i pray that beetbuster is the first of many.
There are other animals that were indeed used, but very little, but I'd like to see them reused out of how many creative ways they could be utilized. Among them, the first i can think of are giraffe and deer (both used only in gaoranger). A deer is kinda cool; the design for thunder deer from kamen rider blade can be root for things other than an arm with stag-claws such as wings, or a crossbow, or a thunder staff etc. A giraffe is just new and original. Other than just being an arm, it could also be a lowerbody/upper legs section, and another mecha with a hole in its body can go through the neck to form the upperbody, and the rest of the neck can come off to reveal a head and be a sword or something. Gobusters is the first to use a rabbit. When i heard it, i was skeptical at first, but it worked out. RH-03 (animal form) looks awesome! the only other time i've seen a rabbit theme robot look cool is one of Weil's eight gentle judges from megaman zero3. In sentai, there have been several recurring mythical creatures (mainly dragons and pheonix), but one that has only been used once (that being magiranger), and would be awesome to come back is the unicorn. Heck, a horse in general. Unicorns are awesome, and could be used as a leg, both lower legs, an arm, both arms, or the same way used in magikaizer in general. other rare animals I'd like to see include squid, frog/toad, aligator/crocodile, ram, armordillo, stegosaurus, fairy, jaguar, chameleon, turtle, monkey, snake (ESPECIALLY SNAKE), and manta.

As far as vehicles go, there is little to wish for. There are litterally more seasons with vheicles than animals. In fact, animal mecha (mecha, not senshi) weren't used until liveman. Although there are some that could work into my list. Of all my transformers, astrotrain is one of my favorites because it is not only a tripplechanger, but also two vehicles i wish to see more often: a train, and a space shuttle. trains were used only 4 times: gogoV, magiranger, go-onger, and goseiger. space crafts in general were only used in megaranger, gogoV, timeranger, and gokaiger (if you count gokaigalleon as a space craft).....that's pretty much it.

One thing I really want to see in the mecha is more complex and creative gattai formations. There are way too many formations that have one mecha be the body, and the other four become arms and legs, or have two be either arms or lower legs, and the third become the rest of the body. it's even worse when the gattai actually needs less mecha, and remaing is just accesories such as gogo gyro and abare ptera. I enjoyed gaorhino becoming both legs save a foot for gaodillo, ginga gorilla and chunin toad becoming the waist down, and gosei snake becoming the waist-to-knees and the right leg. It is less often used, and it seems more desireable for the creativity. Gobusters is the first since dairanger to have the primary gattai be the red by himself, then the rest of the team become armor). Even if they use recurring uncreative animals or vheicles, at least make the gattai formations more creative. Make something that would make reviewers such as baltmatrix and collectionXD say "THIS IS A MUST HAVE".

So far, bandai looks ok with the beet crane coming soon, and it becoming an individual mecha like won tiger, but (addressing the executives from bandai) if you can't come up with anything interesting from the above, just email me. I'm loaded with good ideas for future sentai toys. This is what will make you more money from the American fan base. Some people do a lot of concideration between buying sentai now and buying ranger later.

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