Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Monkey Quest's Power Rangers promotion

Monkey Quest is a Nickelodeon game designed for kids ages 8-12 that's absolutely free! Since its launch in early 2011, it has already reached over 10 million players! Additionally, Monkey Quest will be doing a Power Rangers promotion starting in late May and running through June! The promotion will include an Arena Challenge and there will be special prizes every day with the Power Rangers theme. 

 Nickelodeon’s Monkey Quest, the action-packed massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), now ranks as the fastest-growing virtual world for kids* in its first year live, amassing 10 million registered users since its April 2011 launch. To celebrate this milestone, Monkey Quest players around the world will be gifted limited-edition battle gear through the end of the month.  Players enter the world of Monkey Quest by creating a monkey warrior and gear up for battle as they embark on an epic adventure, fighting evil monsters bent on stopping them from completing quests, joining tribes, and ultimately unlocking the secrets of the legendary Monkey King.

- Team up with the Power Rangers and battle evil in Ook
- A Red Ranger monkey marks the entrance to an exclusive Power Rangers-themed arena, where players can hone their fighting skills against some of Ook’s toughest monsters.
- After defeating the arena a special chest will unlock, awarding the player one of 8 different prizes, including a Samurai Sword, Power Rangers Masks and consumables that will help them during their next battle.
- Players can return every day to battle evil and to receive another prize.

Info thanks to: Monkey Quest Affiliate Team of the Intelligent Performance Marketing

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