Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Go-Buster Spoiler-y Scans: Escape and Enetan!

Pictures from Rangerboard
Great GoBuster, finisher Demolition Thrust

 Escape is Enter's replacement

 Ene-tan! I like his cockpit... cute frog leg handles. Ene-tan is voiced by a woman, leading Morphin Grid Wikia to think Ene-tan is female, but I don't know yet. Bomper and Triptor were both voiced by females but were male characters.

FS-0O Frog. My guess would be that Yellow Buster drives him (or her) but the movie mecha are usually piloted by Red (GaoKong, SamuraiOh, Kyoryumaru, etc.) 

 GoBuster Kero-O

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J.D. Sadler said...

Escape looks strangely familiar...