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Non-Gokaiger Ranger Keys and other heroes not counted and if Props and Suits have survived

This might be a moot point now since Gokaiger is done and over with, but we still have 2 years to speculate over what will be done when it is adapted for Power Rangers most likely in 2015. Before we found out who were the 10 Extra Heroes, I made a list of other heroes that could have taken the position. AbarePink even got a key, even though Emiri made it and said she was the 200th. We never found out who was the 200th as AkaRed and the six Gokaiger counted as the 199 heroes.

  After Gokaiger finished, more Ranger Key toys were made: five Go-Busters, Stag J. Beetle and seven Kamen Rider OOO modes. But they don't exactly count as the 200. But if you are keeping a record, including AbarePink and Go-On Wings Key, there is 213 official Ranger Keys. The Gokaiger became the six Kamen Rider OOO modes in the Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen movie briefly.

 Deluxe keys and Gasphon keys of the three main Go-Busters have been made. A Candy Toy key of Blue Buster has been made. Also Deluxe Keys of BeetBuster, StagBuster and Stag J. Beetle will be released, as well as Gasphon and a special deal BeetBuster key.

 Most of the pre-Magiranger teams here are because they had appearances on the show. OhPink (appeared in Ep 31), Time Yellow (appeared in 40), MagiMother (probably the rare one), Go-Busters, ChangeGriffon (49), GreenFlash (49), BlueMask (49), Yellow Lion (30), FiveYellow (49), Black Condor (28), and White Ninja (appeared in a brief cameo).

Candy Toys include Beet Buster, Stag Buster, DenjiBlue (probably because of Gokaiger vs Gavan), Time Fire and Magi Shine.

 Aka Red Ranger Key is only available with the special Legend Mobirates.

There is a concern that the old costumes that Toei used might be too over-used and might not ship it to Saban in New Zealand. For those who do not know, Toei always ships props and suits to Power Ranger productions, either in the US and New Zealand, Saban and Disney.

Toei always keeps track of their suits and keeps good care of their suits. They make various copies. Here are some at some expos, 'roadshows' and Toei museum. Now Toei can very well ship the props and suits to Saban in New Zealand. If there is anything missing, they can always make new ones.

For those who do not know and I have covered this already about the suits. In Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Behind the Scenes special (and not the episode called 'Behind the Scenes'), the costume designer explained that they had to make the suits 2-layered. This is different from the Toei Super Sentai outfits. No one seems to notice this but I can notice that the costumes used for the New Zealand footage of the Magiranger and Gekiranger openings look like the Power Rangers style costumes. So I am sure Saban might use their own versions of the costumes.

At the Toei Museum way before Gokaiger (most likely 2005 or 2006), in a Six Ranger display, they had AbareKiller and Big One. But in Gokaiger, only AbareKiller was considered one of the 'Sixth' Rangers. There is still debate over AbareKiller being a fifth Ranger or Sixth Ranger and I am sure it will still be an issue in Power Rangers 2015. Also, there is the argument that Toei shipping the 100 or so costumes would be too much. But since they make new ones anyway, I don't see that being an issue.

What is interesting is that the White Dino Ranger was including with the Green Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm) and Lunar Wolf Ranger in Walt Disney World. Even though it wasn't officially stated they were 'sixth' rangers, it was interesting they were clumped together.

People seem to forget that Disney had old costumes like White Ranger, Zeo Ranger V and Green Ranger in 'Fighting Spirit' episode of Dino Thunder. The shield was the foam shield from Zyuranger and not the cloth shield from MMPR. Noticeably his helmet was different but it seems that fans like it. This was probably a recreation of the suit and not the original so they can easily do it again.

 And if there is a concern if old suits have survived... Last year at the International Licensing Expo, they had a lot of old suits (except any Aquitar, Turbo, In Space or Lightspeed). And this year, they had both Samurai and Megaforce teams and also as well 19 Red Rangers and the original White Ranger, so I am so they can recreate new ones.

More on Suit differences:


Magne Senshi (Bioman)
A Tarzan-like friend who liked Yellow Four, he was experimented on by the villains into a warrior, he appeared in two episodes. He doesn't seem to be remembered by Sentai anniversary stuff. In the logic of Gokaiger in which active Rangers fought, he no longer had his powers so it would make sense he didn't participate in the Legacy War.

Mask X-1 (Maskman)
He only appeared in 1 episode, but he was highlighted for sixth ranger in the 30th Encyclopedia for Boukenger. Maybe he was not counted because he only appeared in one episode, had no toy and was a one-time deal. In the logic of Gokaiger in which active Rangers fought, he no longer had his powers so it would make sense he didn't participate in the Legacy War.

Gunmajin (Ohranger)
Gunmajin and Auric were both allies like Ninjaman and fought with the mecha (sometimes) but wasn't a big deal, he didn't get a lot of focus. His disappearance was not explained but maybe it can be thought he was stuck in his tiki-form and didn't know about the Legend War like Ninjaman did. Gunmajin had toys in Ohranger and Zeo.

VRV Master (Carranger)
Many people are confused to why VRV Master is not considered one of the extra heroes, or not even a sixth ranger. VRV Master was the counterpart for Phantom Ranger but in reality, VRV Master only appeared for a few episodes, and a minor mentor. But in Power Rangers, they made the Phantom Ranger a full-fledged Power Ranger. Many fans are hoping Phantom Ranger takes the place of Aka Red. So I am hoping he gets included and gets a key.

Demon Hunter Seig (Movie)
Only appeared in a movie and not mentioned in Boukenger's 30th Encyclopedia. I previously said he had 40% chance to appear, so now we know it is zero chance. In the logic of Gokaiger in which active Rangers fought, he probably was not on Earth so it would make sense he didn't participate in the Legacy War. He wasn't in Power Rangers, so it doesn't matter for PR. Anyway, his counterpart is Titanium Ranger and I am hoping he does get a key.

Deka Gold
Since she only appeared for a few seconds in the Dekaranger movie and also in the movie, it is very understandable to why she was not counted. Gokaiger in which active Rangers fought, she probably was not on Earth so it would make sense she didn't participate in the Legacy War. She wasn't in Power Rangers, so it doesn't matter for Power Rangers.

Deka Bright
Maybe because she only appeared in one episode that she was not selected. She probably is not well known. In the logic of Gokaiger in which active Rangers fought, she probably was not on Earth so it would make sense she didn't participate in the Legacy War. But in Power Rangers SPD, Sam and Nova came from the same time and if we see Omega Ranger, we might expect Nova Ranger, but official people might not use her as she is not in the footage of Gokaiger nor a Ranger Key prop or toys.

Zuuban (Boukenger)
 Even though Sentintel Knight is a warrior in PROO, in Boukenger, Zuuban is a simple creature. It just can say its name, it is sort of like a pet. It only functions when children and humans are happy, not out of anger. I consider Zuuban in the same spot as Datas, Go-Roader GT, and Daigoyou. He was the second to fight with the mecha (BullBlack had to put on armor to do so). In Power Ranger logic, it makes sense he appears in the Legend War.

Gosei Green
Since we never saw his helmet and he only briefly appeared in a flashback of one episode, it is understandable why he isn't counted. He was dead so obviously he couldn't participate in the Legend War. It is now a hot debate by PR fans if Gosei Green will be used in Power Rangers Megaforce. It would be funny if Toei shipped them the costume and the Saban people would be like.. "Where's the helmet?"

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lionel_B said...

Left to choose between Abare Killer and Big One, never to be a sixth ranger in Gokaiger because obviously, they were just the two considered the sixth ranger judging by the photos, I would have preferred they keep Big One in the sixth ranger.

After, for 20 years of Power Rangers, I do not consider the Quatum ranger as red ranger (For TOEI, TimeFire is a Black ranger).

For Gokaiger, I would have liked to see Magne Senshi, X1-Mask, Gunmajin, VRV Master, Jeanne-Sieg (since Demon Hunter Seig is died) and DekaBright.

Since the introduction of Power Rangers: Megaforce is different of Goseiger , I think there will be no green ranger (before we confirm RoboKnight, it was possible that because GoseiKnight had more than one Heroes Bangai a sixth ranger, that Saban create a new sixth ranger for Megaforce or resumed GoseiGreen costume for this role).