Monday, August 13, 2012

Exclusives at Power Morphicon (Visit RangerCrew Blog)

My pal FuryDiamond has plenty of new news about Power Morphicon at his blog RangerCrew blog. For you guys that don't know, he also runs
Basically just like they did at Comic-Con, Bandai America had exclusive Samurai Rangers set, they will have Comic Con exclusive of Shark Attack Red Ranger and a Mooger (from Clash of the Red Rangers).
Shout Factory will be selling Mighty Morphin Power Rangers box set and Volume One DVD of VR Troopers. 

Papercutz also gave them the exclusive news so credit goes to them. They will have a few free things: 500 free mini comics in each bag for the attendees and 100 mini-posters with any purchase.

For more stuff, check out RangerCrew Blog!

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