Monday, August 13, 2012

Power Rangers Animal Explanations

I've thought of doing this for a while...

 Zordon says...
Jason - Tyrannosaurus, bold and powerful

Billy - Triceratops, patient and wise

Kimberly - Pterodactyl, graceful and smart

Trini - Sabertooth Tiger, fearless and agile.

Zack - Mastodon, clever and brave.

When they get the Thunderzords, Zordon says...

Jason - Dragon, fierce and true

Billy - Unicorn, mythological powers and wisdom

Kimberly - Firebird, powerful and agile

Trini - Griffin, Swift and Accurate

Zack - Lion, courage and strength

When the trio joins, Zordon says...

Rocky - Dragon, strength and knowledge

Aisha - Griffinr, spirited and clever

Adam - Lion, watchful and intelligent 

Dulcea says:

Bear - Aisha, fierce and unstoppable.

Ape - Rocky, smart and strong.

Wolf - Billy, cunning and swift. 

Crane - Kimberly, agile, light as a feather.

Frog - Adam, like the one you kiss to get a handsome prince. 

Falcon - Tommy, winged lord of the skies.

Ninjor says... 
(he talks about the zords)
Rocky - Mighty Ape, Wisdom and Strength; Rocky says "Mighty and Strong"

Aisha - Fierce Bear, Might and Cunning; "Cunning and Fierce" Aisha says

Billy -  Silent Wolf, Stealth and Accuracy; Billy says "Silent and sure."

Kimberly - Shining Crane, Grace and Beauty; "Agile and Graceful" says Kim.

Adam - Wise Frog, Silent courage; "Courageous in Spirit" Adam says.

Tommy - Mighty Falcon, Justice and Strength; Tommy says "Just and Able"

In the pilot, Zordon says...
Jason, you shall have the power of the tyrannosaurus - bold and mighty.

Zachary, the power of the mastodon - clever and brave.

 Kimberly, your power comes from the pterodactyl - cunning and quick.

Billy, you draw from the triceratops - patient and smart. 

 Trini, your power comes from the sabertoothed tiger - fierce and agile.

Word Use
Cunning - used for Billy in the movie, Aisha's bear in season 3, and Kimberly in the pilot
Smart - used for Billy in the pilot and Rocky in the movie.
Agile - used for Trini in the first season episode (and pilot) and Kimberly in the movie.
Might/Mighty - used for Rocky and Aisha in season 3 and Jason in the pilot.
Fierce - Used for Trini in the pilot and Aisha in the movie.
Wise/Wisdom - 'Wise' was used for Billy in the first ep and 'Wisdom' for Rocky's ape in season 3.
Strength - Used for Rocky in season 2, the movie and season 3. Also for the Lion for Zack in season 2.
Smart - Used for Kimberly in season 1, Billy in the pilot and Rocky in the movie.
Cunning - Used for Kim in the pilot, Billy in the movie.
Fierce - used for Trini in the pilot and Aisha in Season 3.
Swift - Used for the Griffin Trini in season 2 and Billy in the movie.

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