Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lavender Ranger and Henshin0 at Power Morphicon

So some of you may know that I will be attending the Power Morphicon. Henshin0 will also be there, since he frequents cons and lives in California, he already knows Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy. And unlike FuryDiamond of Ranger Crew and, I won't have any few swag to give out. Mostly because I don't have any. So if you are attending, say hi, I'll be wearing purple (natch). Well I have one white Super Sentai shirt with all the Red Ranger helmets. Anyhoo, this is my first Power Morphicon, I hope my first of many.

I have my digital and video camera ready. I am nervous and excited. Also unlike FuryDiamond, I might be able to blog from the hotel but I'll try. Anyway, by Monday, I'll have pictures and video up. And maybe sum up my experience by the end of the week or so. I am sure Henshin0 will share his experience as well. There are plenty of surprises and secrets I am not able to divulge at the moment but hope I will able to after the event is over and done with! I know you guys will be attentive of my blog. Peace and love!

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henshin0 said...

actually, i don't go to cons often. in fact, the only otaku convention i've been to is PMC 2 and PMC 3. no AX, no SDCC, none of that just to clarify. But lavender is right, i do know blake foster, johnny yong bosch, nagee de tiege, paul schrier and jason narvy personally, but for personal reasons. although i did meet paul at pmc2, though jason was the one to introduce me to him. given the fact that i'm writing this after day 2 of pmc, i already have things to share, though i will save them for monday (assuming i'm not hanging out with nagee on monday), but i can say this: it was great meeting old friends, new friends, and more importantly, lavander himself. for those of you who are going to pmc on sunday, hope to see you there; if not, hope you have a great weekend anyways