Monday, August 20, 2012

Introduction to Lavender Ranger's Power Morphicon 3

 Unlike others (which is not a bad), who instantly tweeted and instantly uploaded videos and images, I did not. I am poor for sure and have a measly little Android with no wifi and no real strength, no laptop, etc. But I appreciated it because I can sit down at home, relax from the frenzy and reflect on my experience. It was my first Power Morphicon. And it was just crazy, full of love, full of laughter, exhausted feet, sweat and just EPIC, I can't explain it better.

 I also met Henshin0 for the first time. I have to make a correction, he does not frequent cons like I said before. I do regret not getting a pic together. Anywayz, he will have his own take on the Con soon! I will be posting explanations, videos and pics all day today! 

Also, I was 'Press' which let me be in the front but only on the left or right side, not in center, that is why my videos are sideways. Gold Ranger members got to be in center. I was Silver Ranger.

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