Wednesday, August 22, 2012

PMC 3: Ron Wasserman Panel

I have no video on Ron Wasserman, basically because he was saying some incriminating stuff and I didn't know how he would feel. I am sure other people recorded but I just didn't want to risk it. Anyway, he would have asked to take the cameras away. With my insane troll logic, I will write it but not have video. Anyways, this is what went down:

Ron Wasserman was saying that he will re-record most of his songs from MMPR and the theme because he likes the new technology and equipment. He says it is unconnected to Saban Brands or any producers. Someone asked about the Power Rangers Samurai theme, he said it was okay. And if he was asked to do the theme? He says they called him to do it, he said okay. Then a month passed and then another month passed and nothing. So he e-mailed them and they e-mailed back something like, 'thank you but we found somebody.' The whole audience said 'aww.'

About the SPD theme, he said he made one and then they told him to change it so he added changes. As for the Mystic Force one, he made the song we heard and Disney didn't like it, they wanted a rap. He then leaked his song and they got upset. They said he shouldn't have done that. Then he said there is difference between 'shouldn't' and 'couldn't.' Maybe I got this wrong. I am sure MorphinLegacy will correct me or someone else. 

When asked about the Gold Ranger theme, he wasn't sure if he did it or not. He said he was with Saban from 1993 to 1995 and things were heated by 1995. He did the background music for the movie but it was dumped because some higher ups didn't like it. He was upset about that. As for the Bulk and Skull theme, he said Bulk is the tuba and Skull is the other instrument. And for the songs with lyrics in Season 3, he added them rather quickly. He came up with most songs within one or two days. 

Here is one interesting story:
Valerie Bertinelli was married to Eddie Van Halen and they have a kid together. Ron does music now for Hot in Cleveland which Valerie stars in. Ron went to her house and met Van Halen. Van Halen said, 'you know I played for a band called Van Halen?" Van Halen even wanted to know from Ron how to play the MMPR theme on the guitar, he said his friend was trying to figure it out. Ron Wasserman explained that the guitar rift was done by the computer, impossible for a guitar to do. When Van Halen heard this, he said, "Oh... I knew that."

UPDATED 8/23/12
He also said that he was he was given the name 'Mighty Raw' by Saban management. They were like 'you're now 'Mighty Raw.' He said okay. Ron was born Ron Aaron Wasserman and made his name 'Aaron Waters' because 'Wasser' means Water and basically his name is 'Water-Man.' I remember hearing the song for the pilot of "Cybertron" starring Jason David Frank, which became VR Troopers. The song sounded a lot like the 'Go Green Ranger' song and had the words 'Cybertron.' I asked him about the song, he said they had to change it so he added 'Green Ranger.' He said that Power Rangers originally was called 'Metal Man.' I think he meant VR Troopers but oh well.

AnimeGamer75 got it, thank you:

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