Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Closed Captioning in MMPR Box Set and VR Troopers DVD

At the Power Morphicon, I got the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers DVD Box Set and VR Troopers Season One Volume One from Shout! Factory. I love closed captioning. My sister is deaf and I grew up with closed captioning. Sometimes I can't hear well, so it helps. I noticed some mistakes.

In one of the featurettes for the MMPR Box Set, Haim Saban is interviewed and says 'Toei' and the closed captioning as 'Toy.' In the episodes, they always get the song 'Combat' wrong. When it says 'C-Co-Combat,' they have it as 'Go Go Cry' or 'Go Go Pow.' The DVD producer Brian Ward says "Those captions were the ones provided by Saban, unfortunately. We didn't produce the captions." "Ha! To be fair, I think it's likely just the caption house not knowing. But it's good to know. Thanks!"

Also VR Troopers closed captioning has Ryan Steele as 'Steel.'

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