Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PMC3-Legacy of Power Panel

UPDATED 8/22/12 12:30 PM EST
Ron Rogge (Captain Mitchell), Scott Page-Pagter (Producer), Writer Mark Litton, Neil Kaplan (voice of Diabolico), Christopher Cho (Dark Specter voice), and Michael Maise (Psycho Black). Sorry for the loud noise! It was Johnny Yong Bosch's band Eyeshine (or whatever its called) next door!

At the Legacy of Power Panel, I ask Scott Page-Pagter about Mystic Knights season 2.

Ron Rogge asked about stuff and Neil Kaplan talks about Diabolico's evolution.

Fan says a message to Sean CW Johnson for Ron Rogge to relay that fans want him in a future con.

Asking about Titanium Ranger

About monsters and Titanium Ranger

Ron Rogge has the caves of Wild Force for his haunted house. Scott Page-Pagter talks of his audio 18+ panel. And questions about Gingaman vs Lost Galaxy and Titanium Ranger. Chip Lynn made those decisions.

Also, I was 'Press' which let me be in the front but only on the left or right side, not in center, that is why my videos are sideways. Gold Ranger members got to be in center. I was Silver Ranger.

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