Monday, August 20, 2012

PMC3: Mike Ginn and Awkward Face Gem

 Me, Mike Ginn (Gem, Ranger Gold) and Jay (MorphinLegacy)
Mike is from New Zealand, now living in Los Angeles for two years. He is great.

I told him I was the co-webmaster of Power Rangers Central and was semi-responsible for this picture. He says fans print it out and have him sign it. He joked that he didn't like it but he said in reality it fit in with Gem's personality. He had his own theories on the character. He said he liked hearing the theories from fans.

So he wrote this: Thanks for creating the awkward face Gem! It's the Best. It's go for Boom time!" When my site partner Mike B. first made the picture, I told him to change the pic for Gem and Gema but he didn't see the reason to do it. Mike Ginn doesn't want us to change it. I'm sure Mike B. will be happy. So anyway, Mike Ginn says Eddie G. told him that Gem and Gema were genetically made super soldiers, to be great fighters and happy all the time. So that explained their personalities.

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