Monday, August 20, 2012

PMC3: The Aquitar Rangers and I!

 As some of you might remember, I got to interview Alan Palmer a year ago or so and he is so awesome. He's gay and married (3 times to the same guy! Hope it sticks now!) with 2 kids. He has done shows before, he has written and starred in. He is down to Earth and shy about the Con. I had to encourage him and Raija Baroudi (Delphine/White Aquitar Ranger and also voice of Jara in Beetleborgs) into stuff I will explain later. 

 Alan Palmer was there Friday and Saturday and participated in the "Unsung Heroes" panel on Friday. Video on the panel is available on this blog and my Mythical Destiny YouTube channel. Alan said he wished his character would talk more and explained about his mask makeup. Both Raija and Alan liked the makeup. Raija had longer hair at the time and had to spool it through a hole in the mask thingy and she said it was a bit of a bother. 

[Picture above thanks to Jill Sylvan]
Here is Raija Baroudi with my pal Jill. Raija is half Kuwait/half Irish, born in Ireland and has a wonderful accent! She is so much fun and she loves being a female leader, the first! She is also proud of being Jara. She was hanging and talking to Catherine Sutherland. She was there Saturday and Sunday. When the David Yost panel was going on Saturday, Walter Jones dropped in, then Steven Cardenas, Catherine Sutherland, and Nakia Burrise. So I decided to go get Raija and Alan who were in the big room with autographs. So I encouraged them to go on stage with David Yost.

[Picture above thanks to Jay of MorphinLegacy]
So Raija did and hugged him. On Sunday, Raija was late for the AmeriToku panel for Beetleborgs and VR Troopers. I urged her to go, but she had fans waiting. She said she'd go to the restroom and then go, I dunno if she did go, I think she did. She also was present for the 18 and over Scott Page-Pagter Audio Retrospective in the audience with Paul S., and Morrigan Mahan. I will discuss more of that later. Raija and Alan are both a delight!

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