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Interview with Alan Palmer (Corcus the Black Aquitar Power Ranger) Part TWO

Season three there was a 12-episodes mini-series Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers which featured five new Power Rangers, based on Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. The Aquitar Rangers were aliens from the planet Aquitar, they live on water. Alan Palmer played Corcus the Black Ranger. Alan Palmer has created two musicals known as Fabulous Divas of New York and Fabulous Divas of Hollywood. He has choreographed, directed, acted, written, sung and much more. He has mostly been known for his stage work and his own shows, of his few television work includes Xena Warrior Princess and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Lavender: How did you get involved in Power Rangers? How old were you at the time?
A.P.: I was directing a theatrical piece that the casting director for Power Rangers happened to be a producer on and I went to the audition not knowing she was the casting director at my callback, she was there but didn't say anything to them which I have always appreciated. I like to get things on my own merit. The rest is history. I can't remember how old I was at the time.

Lavender: How was it under that Aquitarian makeup that made the Aquitar Rangers?
A.P.: The whole makeup experience was so much fun with the Aquitar series. I loved getting plaster poured over my whole head and watching the entire process with the masks with fittings and the painting and the color coding of the makeup that went under the masks. The costumes were a bit hot when we would shoot outside but not bad and the crew treated us very well.

Lavender: For the short time you were on the show, but was there camaraderie between you and the other Aquitar Rangers?
A.P.: I met my dear friend Rajia on the show and we have stayed very close. We don't get to see each other very often but we do speak frequently.

Lavender: Have you been bugged by Power Ranger fans before? We fans know your character Corcus didn't get any characterization or personality at all. Basically only had a few lines, right?
A.P.: You know, I feel like I had a lot of back story. They didn't give me a lot of lines but gave me some very fun opportunities to do physical comedy. It is harder to bring something to the table that is not written but it is a lot of fun coming up with back stories. I don't ever feel like I am being bugged by fans. It is nice to think that something I did 15 years ago still holds up and is still appreciated.

Lavender: Please indulge me, what was your backstory then? I was going to ask what does an actor do if there is not written on the page? Was there anything they told you about your character and anything you feel his backstory was about?
I was looking at Corcus as a follower, he was the one always observing and taking in information, processing it and then being able to help the other Aquitar Rangers whenever they were in need. They never gave me ANY INFORMATION about my character. Delphine was the only one that they really worked on and Karim (Cestro) was her right hand man. I think we were just placed in the scene due to the footage that they received from Japan had five rangers fighting.

Lavender: David Yost (Billy the blue Ranger) came out last year and he also revealed of homophobia occurring on the set of Power Rangers. I was 11 when PR first came out and 15 when I came out of the closet and never imagined anything that happening on that set. For the short time you were on the show, did you ever sense or hear anything among those lines?
A.P.: It's funny that you bring up David. I was not aware that he had come out. He was the only ranger that worked with us and our 12 episodes. I have always been very open and never cared about who knew I was gay. It is such a small part of who I am and I hate labels. I think he saw me as a bit of a threat and probably didn't want to be seen socializing with someone who was gay, but I can't say. I don't think I ever noticed any homophobia on set. Everyone that I worked with were so professional and wonderful. I never had a run in or heard a harsh word.

Lavender: Were you aware that the Aquitar Ranger footage came from a series called Ninja Sentai Kakuranger and they were ninjas that had 60's Batman-esque onamonapia graphics? The Super Sentai series that Power Rangers come from Japan and has been airing since 1975 and now they are celebrating their 35th anniversary (Called Pirate Sentai Gokaiger) in which the present team turn into teams from past years. Gokaiger might get adapted in two years or so for Power Rangers, if Saban ever calls you to guest star, would you be interested?
A.P.: I had No idea! That is sooo cool! I would work with Saban in any aspect. I have nothing but wonderful memories.

Lavender: Rajia Baroudi (Delphine), Karim Prince (Cestro) and David Becon (Aurico) were asked to return to Power Rangers Zeo for cameos, were you aware of that and were you asked to appear as well? (By the way David Bacon was not asked to return for the Red Ranger teamup 'Forever Red' in which his character Aurico did return).
A.P.: I have been so busy that I have not paid too much attention to who was asked to do what or for that matter would not be hurt if I were never asked back. It was a great time and if they called to ask me to do something for the show and I was free, I would love to do it, but I am not holding my breath or waiting by the phone. I wish everyone the very best and hope for great things for everyone involved actors, crew, fans and Saban.

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