Sunday, October 9, 2011

More 2012 Super Sentai Gobusters Rumors

 Rumors collected by Dukemon22....

  • The team is composed of Red, Blue, and Yellow.
  • The team is expected to start out with three, and then progress to five. 
  • The Gobusters will first appear in Gokaiger VS Space Sheriff Gavan. They seem to be linked to the 30th anniversary of Metal Hero.
  • Even though the team starts at three, the Gobusters have Partners. The original poster relates this to Den-o, so it would be my guess the partners are partner spirits or youkai. I, Lavender Ranger, would imagine this like a more extended relationship of the Sky Saints of Magiranger.
  • The henshin device, at this point in time, is rumored to be a smart phone type. The device may actually have an interactive panel display, but to what ends is unknown, but it sounds cool none the less. 
  • Potential Color Scheme #1: There is a lot of speculation that the color scheme will be Jetman-esque. With Red, Yellow, Black being male, Blue and White being female. 
  • Potential Color Scheme #2: There is speculation that the team will be colored according to the olympic colors, like Go-onger and Liveman were (Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Green)  
  • Takebe Naomi (Kamen Rider Den-O, Decade, etc.) seems to be serving as Producer.
  • Kobayashi Yasuko (B-Fighter, PGSM, KR Den-O) seems to be serving as Head Writer. 


Razorclaw said...

Please let the Gavan rumor be true. >_<

lionel_B said...

NO! I want a color scheme as Battle Fever J or Changeman: '(

mrpogi91 said...

Dear toei:

please make the yellow ranger into a male. it has been nearly 6 years since we last saw a male yellow ranger and i think it is time that you feature another one once more