Friday, October 14, 2011

MegaBloks Power Rangers Samurai Pictures form New York Comic Con 2011

Correction, it is the NYCC (New York Comic Con) 2011. None of these pictures are mine and all of them are given credit.
 Left to Right: Yellow Ranger and Yellow Zord, Blue Ranger and Blue Zord, Red cockpit (Probably from Hero Pack), Red Ranger vehicle (name unknown), and Deker Motor Head

 Left to Right: Blue Ranger and vehicle (name unknown), Red Ranger and Red Zord, Samurai Megazord, Green cockpit (Probably from Hero Pack), Yellow MotorHead, and Red Ranger and vehicle (Name Unknown).

 Other Red Motorhead and Blue Motorhead sets above.
Pictures from ToyNewsi.Com who has it incorrectly as Voltron

Pink, Blue, Red, Mooger and Deker

These pics are from
Regular mode Blue and vehicle

Deker and vehicle

Mega Mode Yellow with vehicle

Deker Motor Head

Mega Mode Green

Regular mode Yellow with Ape Zord

Regular Red

Mega Mode Red

In the back you can see the Gold Ranger in cockpit blurry.

A fan dressed as the MMPR Green Ranger stands next to a stand of upcoming toys.

The only clear picture I could find of Gold Ranger.



Lunar said...

Too bad the only showing of Gold Ranger is his full on Saban Gold look. I hope for the original Shiken Gold look at some point. Otherwise I think I might pick up some Mega Blocks.

Lavender Ranger said...

Well seeing that there is regular and mega modes for Red, Blue and Yellow; and yet to see regular modes of Green & Pink, I am sure Gold will get one too.