Friday, October 14, 2011

My theories on this decade for Sentai

Where I see the next decade taking us I see the 00's as an experimental decade design and team wise for Super Sentai, what with four teams starting in trios (Hurricanger, Abaranger, Gekiranger and Go-Onger), compared to only one series per decade with one trio prior (Sun Vulcan, Liveman and Kakuranger). More experimental color mixes like in Hurricanger and Gekiranger. Goseiger and Gokaiger so far, are very standard. The 90's decade for me is the norm, the level of what is expected and standard. The 80's for me was also experimental, to figure out what is the norm for Sentai, with Changeman with a color scheme that has yet to be emulated and Liveman and Sun Vulcan with starting with three. And this past decade used less pink rangers, much to die-hard fans' chagrin and probably little girls who love PR. I love Pink and I love Pink Rangers but I understand where the use of less pink comes from the idea that boys are what the brand is for and they don't like pink and don't want pink on their robos. Hence less female toys for the past years. I think the main reasons girls are still in teams is for tradition and eye candy for boys and their dads. You might not agree.  

Where I see the next decade going is maybe a bit more Pink Rangers than in the last decade but not as much as in the 90's. Also, I am hoping for some more use of purple and some gender changes, like most fans have been hoping for (female green ranger, male pink ranger, etc.). But we'll see. I also for see another Dekaranger, with 7 or 8 members, to sell more toys. Or something like Go-On Wings, with two 'sixth rangers.' But most likely two males like the Gouraijers. I also foresee less robos for some reason and more arsenal, like Kamen Rider. Those are my theories. I am guessing there will be more teams starting with three, probably something like Go-Onger did, it quickly becoming 5, in order to sell more toys. But this is my own speculation. In 5 years, I may look back at this and laugh. I am hoping for a 'Back to the Future' theme in 2015 since the sequel was set in 2015 (well some of it). For 2012, we are getting rumors of a ghost hunting theme.

This might sound presumptuous (and even vague perhaps) but here are themes I think will be most likely covered from 2013-2019 in some shape or form:
  • Animals (Specific region animals or mixed with vehicles)
  • Vehicles (cars, planes, etc.)
  • Law Enforcement or Government (Like Dekaranger or GoGoV)
  • Specialized Martial Arts (Like Kakuranger, Hurricanger, Gekiranger or Shinkenger)
  • Insects (which fans fear to not be like Kamen Rider)
  • Time Travelers (e.i. Back to the Future)
  • Medieval Fantasy (Lord of the Rings)
Now most of you might think that animals, vehicles and martial arts are expected and me saying it is vague, but what I am saying, I am sure that the themes will be touched upon once again, with some new themes of course. I've been wanting a sea-animal-theme for years but now I've given up on it. In the 35 years of Super Sentai, Ninjas have been repeated twice, Dinosaurs twice, Vehicles three times (Carranger, Turboranger & Go-Onger), Animals multiple times but the most prominent ones being Liveman, Gaoranger and Gekiranger, and other themes have been repeated. Granted Go-Onger was a mix and many have been (like Gekiranger). Some new themes in the past decade were Police (Dekaranger), Magic (Magiranger), Adventure (Boukenger), Pirates (Gokaiger), Samurai (Shinkenger), Angelic-like warriors from the sky (Goseiger), etc. Some themes that have not been repeated have been Birds (Jetman) and Time traveling (Timeranger) and see that being repeated in some way again. And yes, there are other themes that have not been repeated that I did not mention but there is a reason for that (not as relevant).

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Akmal Ghazali said...

I would love to see darker theme of sentai.. somewhat more serious stuff...