Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PMC3: Producing Power Rangers Panel (Video)

UPDATED 8/27/12
Writer Mark Litton, Producer Tony Oliver, Audio Director/Producer Scott Page-Pagter and John Stewart, director:
They were asked about monsters that were not used. Mark Litton talks about a tongue monster that licked the monsters.  I spoke up. The audio is a bit wonky. Also talking about 鍵道化師, Key Clown from Dairanger who Mark called 'Scissor monster'.
Update: The Tongue monster turns out to be Impersenator (オンブオバケ Onbu-Obake) ngue I spoke to Mark Litton on Facebook and showed him Onbu-Obake footage and he confirmed it was that pink monster from Kakuranger vs Ohranger. They did use it for "Rangers of Two Worlds" Part one and two.

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