Tuesday, August 21, 2012

PMC3: More clips

UPDATED 8/22/12 10:20 AM EST
I am just clumping them here:
Dan Southworth morphs. Wild force cast: Rick Medina, Jack Guzman, Jessica Rey and Phillip Jeanmarie morph.

Phillip (Max Blue), Jack Guzman (Danny, Black), Rick Medina (Cole, Red), Jessica Rey (Alyssa, White), Scott Page-Pagter (ADR), Jason Faunt (Wes), and Dan Southworth (Eric).

Catherine Sutherland, Nakia Burrise, Johnny Bosch, Blake Foster (Justin), Jason Narvy, Paul S., Gabrielle Fitzpatrick (Dulcea), Tony Oliver and David Winning, director of the Turbo: A Power Rangers movie. Gabrielle (Dulcea) talks about a nip slip. Nakia and Johnny discuss that pairing of Tanya and Adam. David Winning discusses deleted scenes and the Mermaid. Johnny's middle name is not Yong! It's his mom's maiden name, they wanted something ASIAN!

David Yost Morphs (sorry only vid I got at the panel)

Augie (AJ Yellow) asks question to Tony Oliver, Michael Maize (Psycho Black), Morrigan Mahon (Goldar), Neil Kaplan (Diabolico), Barbara Goodson (Rita), and Robert Axelrod (Zedd)

Sabrina Lu (Scorpina) in Villains Panel:

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