Monday, August 20, 2012

PMC3: Crowd goes nuts for Megaforce cast

Gia     Ciara Hanna
Noah - John Mark Loudermilk
Troy - Andrew Gray  
Jake - Azim Rizk 
 Emma - Christina Masterson 

At the Power Breakfast early in the morning, I heard some people in Samurai shirts and badges talking about that the Megaforce cast was around. Then we went to the Saban Brands Panel with the Samurai cast, Jay and I sat in the second line at the far right for Press and there were VIPS in the front. They were a family talking about 'Christina.' Jay recognized the name as the new Pink Ranger so we deduced they would show up. When Red, Blue and Yellow walked in a row to the left, one of the family members said "Where is Christina?" And she showed up with Black near us. Then we they stood up on the platform, everyone went nuts and rushing to take pictures. Sorry for the shakiness. I had to push my tripod up in the air. Jay stood on a chair! Later I heard some people thought they were just workers in costumes, not the actual cast. There were complaints they are 'too pretty.' We've heard that before.

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Unknown said...

That's so cool! This is the first time I've seen the cast of the next season before it airs.