Monday, August 20, 2012

PMC3: Friday After Dark Panel (18 and over!) and Sunday Audio Panel

So we couldn't take video, audio or pictures at this event.
Present at the event was Daniel Southworth (Eric/Quantum), Jason Faunt (Wes/Time Force Red), Walter Jones (Zack/Black), Ron Rogge (Captain Mitchell/Lightspeed), Johnny Bosch (Adam/Black), Catherine Sutherland (Kat/Pink), Jason Narvy (Skull) and Paulie S. (Bulk). I forget if Tony Oliver was there or not. Anyway, it was a great event, everyone loved it, many saying it was the best panel. We did not know what to expect. I got what I expect: Cursing and Adult innuendo and stories.

[I try to keep this blog family friendly, so press 'click here' if you are over eighteen years old!]

Like many fanboy questions, there was many things that made the panel members refuse to answer or groan. Many questions were redundant. Catherine barely spoke and or even cursed so my question was if she was okay with the cursing. The moderator (and I use the title sparingly because the moderators at the con didn't really have a presence) thought I was signaling her out. I said my name and Daniel Southworth repeated it and I felt self-conscious so I said 'Lavender Ranger.' And as a joke, I promoted my site but some booed. Anywayz, I asked my question and she said she was used to it. Later I found out she is close friends to Jason Narvy and he curses a lot and she said she was used to it.

We had to show IDs to get into this panel. On Saturday, I clarified to Catherine that fans wanted her to curse and loved that she said 'bitch.' Also that people wanted her to say 'Fuck Tommy' but I was not going to ask that. She was taken aback. She said she was used to Jason Narvy's cursing. I later find out at home watching the MMPR Box set that Jason and Catherine are good friends and Jason wanted Catherine to get to know his wife. Anyways, going back to the panel. Basically fans asked questions and the panel answered and told stories. There are plenty of incriminating stuff and hearsay and jokes, I am sure plenty of people will talk about it and spread the rumors. But one thing I will say, Dan's stories were crowd pleasers.

Here is one of Daniel Southworth's stories. He played a costumed Power Ranger (I don't know if this was before or after his tenure in Time Force). He was with other costumed Rangers at a Nascar race in a little cart in the center of Nascar stadium. Girls in bikinis were flirting with him and he flirted back. Some drunken boyfriends got angry and were going to chase them. They were trying to get out of there and the cart accidently got closer. He got an idea to throw T-Shirts and other people came up to grab the T-shirts. It seem to be working but the other Rangers threw the shirts in the wrong direction, getting Daniel mad and the cart slowing down. Daniel also said of kids coming to the set one time and he had a hard-on in the spandex suit and he had to hide it.

Ron Rogge spoke of Make A Wish kids coming to the set. Some of the Pink and Yellow Rangers are done by stunt men. One of the Japanese stunt men were having a cigarette break. He had a bra on under the suit. He folded the top of the suit, had the bra and smoking a cigarette. And hear comes a kid and gets the shock of their life. 

The second panel on Sunday that 18 and over was called Scott Page-Pagter's 18+ Retrospective. Scott was a producer and had ADR Director. His significant other (not sure if wife or fiance) sold the tickets, they were $10 I believe. It was at 2:45 and not at 8:30pm like the first one. A woman and little girl accidently walked in as there was suggestive moaning. It was great to see Scott's photos and hear audio. The speakers weren't great that time and I had wished if he re-play the audio sometimes if people were talking. What was great was that former actors sat next to him in the panel and also in the crowd. Paulie S., the voice of Goldar and Rita were the crowd, including Delphina (Raija). In the panel there was Steve Cardenas, Walter Jones, Catherine Sutherland, Ron Rogge, Jason Narvy, Phillip Jeanmarie, and Jack Guzman. Walter left without saying anything. Steve left and everyone clapped. Phillip and Jack left, they clapped. Scott played audio from MMPR to Wild Force. Only Jason Narvy, Catherine Sutherland and Ron Rogge stayed til the end at the panel. Paulie stayed for the whole thing. They had funny and bad word clips from virtually everyone. He had very little audio of Thuy, as he said she barely made mistakes.

Scott Page-Pagter talked about one of the singers of ZZ Top doing a voice for a monster in Lightspeed Rescue. He still has the audio. The FOX network did not want it. I forgot the reason, I know its about the money. I don't remember if it was because they weren't going to pay ZZ Top or it was that they wanted him to pay them, I am not sure. Can someone that was there clarify?

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