Monday, August 20, 2012

PMC3: Bandai (Megaforce toys) and Tamashi Nations

I know you guys have seen it before, but what is it to have another?

 They had two Mooger pinatas that looked awesome. I kept asking when they would break them but they didn't know. Sunday they did it, maybe when the Over 18 Audio Panel was going on and they told me they did one with kids and it went crazy that they didn't do it again. Word is that inside where mini Samurai figures. They were giving out translucent mini MMPR Red figures too. They said the second pinata would probably go back to Headquarters.

 This was actually the Red Turbo Ranger and they reformatted it.

Original. I couldn't take a picture of the diagram of them changing it because they said it was not allowed.

 They added the Retrofire figures later day.

With Augie (AJ Yellow of Rangerboard), my expression is not from him, it is I was tired. Augie is a great guy! He volunteered for Bandai at PMC two times (three times?)

Back of the PMC3 Exclusive toy package, it has '7th Mystery Ranger.' It looks very much like female Red. Bandai reps were mum. 

Joe Rovang (@Rofang) was told she (Female Red Ranger) would be released before Christmas. RRR thinks it will be in mid-October.

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