Friday, May 24, 2013

SPOILERS: Super Megaforce #9 - Returning Cast Cameos

UPDATED 5/26/13 10:15 AM EST

As some of you might already know, 10 former cast members have flown out to New Zealand. Check it out after the jump.

 They are doing quick cameos but they got to fly first class.
 Hector David Jr. (Mike/Samurai Green)

 Alyson MacInnis (Dana/Pink Lightspeed Ranger)

 Jason Faunt (Wes/Red Time Force)
 Jason and Brittany P. (Emily/Yellow Samurai)

Jason David Frank (Tommy)
Reggie Rolle (Damon/Green Lost Galaxy Ranger)

Hector, Melody Perkins (Karone/Pink Galaxy/Astronema), Jason, Alison, and Danny Salvin (Leo/Red Galaxy Ranger) at a historic volcano.

Now here are the biggies.....
Hector with a unidentified guy and Koichi Sokomoto (Former Stunt coordinator for PR/Stunt Director for Gokaiger and Go-Busters/former PR producer)

Melody Perkins, Patricia Ja Lee, Jason Faunt, Koichi Sokomoto and Selwyn Ward (TJ/Red Turbo Ranger) I was wondering if it was really her and the only one I know who could confirm it was the one guy who had the source that there would be 10 returning cast members so I asked Fury Diamond. He then confirmed it was indeed PJL. It is still unknown in what capacity she will be on the show. People were ragging on my buddy Fury Diamond on him 'confirming' but who else was going to do it? Them?

The 10 are Melody Perkins, Jason Faunt, JDF, Hector David Jr., Brittany P., Selwyn Ward, Reggie Rolle, Danny Salvin, Alison MacInnis, and Sean Johnson.

Hector just posted this pic of him in suit (in reflection in visor)

These are from Jason David Frank's official fan page, brought to my attention by Morphin Legacy. 
They must be playing around and it is not a real thing about the show. The silver streak and silver morpher are from the Disney Era, used in the episode "Fighting Spirit" of Dino Thunder. Saban got the suit from Disney, it was used for the MMPR Box Set and other promotional stuff. JDF asked for it to be changed but he says no one listened. 

In the front we see Mike (Green Samurai Ranger), Emily (Yellow Samurai Ranger), Tommy (Green Ranger), Cassie (Pink Space Ranger), TJ (Blue Space Ranger), Leo (Red Lost Galaxy Ranger). With stunt people in Pink Turbo Ranger, Green Turbo Ranger, White Dino Ranger, Red Dino Ranger (Behind Black), Black Operation Overdrive Ranger, Red Operation Overdrive Ranger, unidentified Pink Ranger, Red SPD Ranger, Silver Space Ranger (behind Cassie), Green SPD Ranger, Magna Defender (behind TJ), and Yellow Wind Ranger (behind Leo).

 Jason Faunt posted this on Instagram of him and JDF

Picture from the Instagram of Jason Faunt. Clockwise: Sean Johnson, Alison MacInnis, Reggie Rolle,  Jason Faunt, Brittany Pirtle, Danny Slavin, and Hector David Jr

Picture from Fury Diamond. Jason David Frank called it the 'Mega War' but Fury Diamond is calling it the 'Super Mega War.' Here we see White, Red and Blue Dino Rangers, Yellow, Red, Green SPD; Yellow and Red Wind Rangers, all 5 Operation Overdrive Rangers, Silver, Pink, and Blue Space Rangers, Yellow and Green Samurai Rangers; Red Galaxy Ranger and Green MMPR Ranger.

 On the set

 Jason Faunt, Danny Salvin, Sean Johnson, Hector David Jr and Cameron Jebo (Zador/Silver Super Megaforce Ranger)
Lots of people are taking this as a 'confirmation' that he is on the show even though Fury Diamond confirmed it a month ago and we had the image of him on the set with Christina (Emma) and also his headshot with the other headshots.


Cadiaco82 said...


I would have like to get Mike (Russell Lawrence) and Leo back. But is good they actually are there!

Danny Salvin is gonna be there live, and not cameo as on "Forever Red". That's great.

I see and Patricia Ja Lee is too serious on that picture, hehehehe!

Jonathan Toderian said...

Any word as to whether or not Dan Southworth (Eric the Quantum Ranger) will appear?

Lavender Ranger said...

So far no, check his Twitter in case.